How To Join Builders Club in Roblox

Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world right now and it is no wonder you’d want to join the Builders Club in it. After all, if you are regularly playing the game and enjoying yourself, there are certain perks that come with the Roblox Builders Club that can be a game-changer for you.

So first things first, let’s explore what the Builders Club is and how you can join it.

What Is Roblox Builders Club?

The Roblox Builders Club is basically a subscription service. That’s all there is to it, there are various versions of the premium membership system with different perks as well. So there is something for everyone in it. The Builders Club is essentially another name of the subscription.

What Benefits Are There Of Builders Club?

There are several tangible gameplay benefits that you can get when you get a Builder’s Club membership. We are going to go over all of those in this section.

Get Free Rbx

If you subscribe to the Builders Club, you will get free Robux every day to spend in-game. Robux is the virtual currency in the game that allows you to purchase stuff. The different tiers of the membership grant you a different amount of Robux in the game. For example, the most inexpensive membership will net you 15 Robux each day, and the most expensive one will give 60.

Group Features

The Builder Club allows you to join more groups and socialize with ease. The group chat system also helps you communicate with your fellow group members as well. Without the subscription, you can only join 5 groups. The cheapest option bumps the maximum number of groups you can join to 10 while the most expensive one takes it to 100.

That’s not all, the Builders Club also allows you to make your very own group.

Extra Gear 

Each subscriber will get a unique hat that corresponds to their subscription tier. Which is a neat touch

Trading and Selling Items 

Subscribers will also get the ability to trade or sell items with other members. Another perk is the extra Robux you will get for selling items. The most expensive option even allows you to cash out the Robux and convert into real money, which is awesome.

Charge People 

If you make an awesome game or a place, you can even put an access fee on it and charge other people. You can set the price too as low as 25 Robux to 1000 Robux.

How to Join Builders Club 

You cannot purchase the Builders Club membership with Robux. You will need to use real money or a gift card to gain access which is a bummer but the benefits you get from it more than make up for the price. Head over to the official membership page and sign up!

The Classic version costs $4.99, the Turbo version is priced at $9.99 and the Outrageous one is $19.99 per month.