How To Get To Tech World In Roblox Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X offers players the chance to explore a variety of locations and activities, including the slick and glamorous Tech World, in addition to its cute animal buddies. Although it will be expensive to enter, Tech World might be worthwhile to visit, given the promise of a huge mystery box inside!

Since the gate to unlock Tech World only accepts Fantasy Coins, you must first unlock Fantasy World before you can unlock Tech World. After finishing the first eight stages of Spawn World, you can jump into a cannon and be launched to Fantasy World.

Tech World:

Pet Simulator X’s Tech World includes a unique selection of biomes with enough progression to keep you occupied for hours. The names of all the biomes in this world and their respective unlock prices are listed in the helpful table below.

Price-wise, Tech World represents a significant improvement over earlier worlds, costing a staggering 7.5 billion Fantasy Coins. It is still feasible if you improve your character, include more pets in your party, and raise your pets’ stats.

We’ll go over the requirements for entering Pet Simulator X’s Tech World so you can prepare your route to this challenging section of the game. Additionally, we’ll delve further into the world’s structure, including all of its biomes and the unique money that is unique to that region.

Starting As A Beginner:

You will have one starter pet when you initially log into the game in Spawn World. Even though your first pet won’t have much damage, you won’t require much to get started.

Start by breaking the coin heaps, gifts, boxes, and chests. In due course, you will reach the point where you can acquire a new pet that deals more harm.

You can save up enough cash to go on to the next location if you’ve acquired a few pets that deal more damage.

Steps To Get To The Tech World:

  • You actually need to go back through a zone you’ve already conquered in order to find the entrance to Tech World.
  • The Tech World entrance is located halfway through Spawn World, unlike the first two zones, which follow one another.
  • Either teleport back to the Spawn Shop & stroll over to the Glacier biome, or access the teleport menu & unlock the Glacier world with a few Gems to get there quickly.

SOURCE: James The Noob King

  • When you arrive there, you should see a large treasure hidden behind a gate that costs money, similar to the ones you use to enter the Spawn and Fantasy World biomes.

SOURCE: James The Noob King

  • However, it’s not a dead-end because there is a cannon that will launch you into Tech World behind that chest.

SOURCE: James The Noob King

  • Paying up sends you into Tech World, where you can subsequently proceed to locations like Pixel World as well. If you’ve been holding back because you believe the expense is not worthwhile merely for a large chest, think again.

You now possess all the knowledge required to advance and enter the Tech World and ace the game.