How To Get Full Body Haki In Roblox Blox Fruits?

One of the game’s five damage-dealing options, along with Fighting Styles, Swords, Guns, and Races, is Roblox Blox Fruits.


One of Roblox Blox Fruits’ most potent powers is haki. The skill provides your character a new dimension and can aid you in numerous victories over elemental users. In Blox Fruits, you must master the haki skill from an ability teacher and evolve it to the highest level in order to obtain a full-body haki.

Learning Haki:

The most popular strategy is to pay a visit to the Frozen Village ability teacher. The master is within a cave opening in the island’s right-hand corner. Engage the teacher in conversation and select the enhancement skill. You can learn the skill for $25,000, but only if you pay.

SOURCE: Lethal World

Stages Of Haki In Roblox Blox Fruits:

There are 5 different stages of armament haki before getting the final full-body haki.

Stage 0 Half arms Half legs
Stage 1 Full arms Full legs
Stage 2 Full arms and torso Full legs and torso
Stage 3 Full arms, torso and head Full legs, torso and head
Stage 4 Full arms, torso head, thighs and knee Full legs, torso, head, forearm and elbow
Stage 5 Full body buso haki Full  body buso haki

Your body will be covered in haki, which will give it a shiny black aspect.

How To Upgrade Haki:

To upgrade your haki to the next stage, you have to train your ability. During training, bosses and NPCs are targeted with basic melee punches, kicks, or weapon attacks. Be sure to hit when using the enhancement ability. If you are using a PC, hit J to activate the buso haki.

SOURCE: Lethal World

Stages Hits/Attacks to Evolve
Stage 0-3 300 per stage
Stage 4-5 3000 per stage

Always remember that the estimates above are only approximations for leveling up. The battling style and counter bugs may cause the real-time to fluctuate a little.

Best Method To Train Buso Haki:

One of the best ways to train Buso Haki is to have logia, go to a strong enemy that can’t attack you, use a piece of weak equipment like a katana, use an auto clicker, and just afk.

You can train your haki by going to a low-level NPC and letting it strike you with a fruit of the Paramecia or Zoan kind; sword slashes and fighting-style kicks/punches also work with any fruit. You cannot determine your level of experience. Full-body haki is essential in PVP because it can mitigate up to 30–40% of all damage that is dealt with you. You’ll probably die with just a three-move combo if you don’t have it.

SOURCE: Lethal World

Different Colors Of Busa Haki:

In Update 14, the Master of Enhancement character was added. He will offer a variety of haki color options. Like the Legendary Sword Dealer, he periodically reappears and spawns in different places. Every 30 minutes, he spawns and then disappears for 15 minutes.