How to get diamonds in Roblox Royale High

Roblox royale high is a roleplaying game based on a school theme. Here the gamers dress up and finish several activities and tasks to level up in the game. With the completion of activities, the players get diamonds as credit.

In this game, the gamers have a phone that helps them communicate with other players and works as a time tracker. The characters can customize the outlook like clothing, hair, face, skirts, shoes, wings, and other accessories. There is an exclusive option for 2D clothing too.

The main currency in the game is diamonds. With it, the gamers can purchase various things that will help them improve their gaming experience. Customization, up-gradation, and buying things from the shop can be done only by diamonds.

1. Login into Royale High 

Like many other games in Roblox, Royal High also presents some rewards to the gamer when he signs in to the game. It is like a gift from the game to the gamer to play the game every day. You can win small bonuses every day, but when you do it consistently for ten days, you can earn big rewards like diamonds.

You can get the daily reward by directly teleporting to your apartment. Then jump in towards your computer and sit down. Your character will automatically start the sign-in process, and you will win your diamonds. This process repeats itself every twenty hours.

2. Leveling up in Royale High 

Leveling up in Royale High is a very fast way to get diamonds. Hence leveling up plays a very important role in this game. Players will be rewarded with diamonds when they level themselves up.

To level up, the requirement is to have enough experience a level demands. Experience is gained when the Avatar is sleeping. Sleeping provides energy as well as experience to the Avatar. Hence sleep, gain experience, level yourselves up, and get three hundred diamonds as a reward. Repeat this process in the game and keep on winning diamonds.

3. Use a diamond multiplier in Royal High 

The diamond multiplier is not a compulsory option for the gamers in the game of Roblox Royal High. This does not provide you with diamonds directly. But it is one of the best options to earn a lot of diamonds. The diamond multiplier increases the rewards you get from leveling up and the diamonds you get to search the world. Your diamonds will exponentially increase without your knowledge. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with the login bonus. It is a great way to earn diamonds in the game Roblox Royal High.

4. Search diamonds throughout the world in Royal High

Roblox Royale High has a very vast world inside it. There are a lot of different zones that can be visited. Players must not ignore any zone because they may have diamonds.

While visiting each zone, walk everywhere around and keep an eye on everything. You can find diamonds strewn all over different zones in the world. The diamonds have fallen out in the open as well as hidden secretly somewhere. Keep your search and collect as many diamonds as you can from different zones in the world of Roblox Royal High.