How To Get A Gun In Roblox East Brickton Game?

Roblox East Brickton is a town and city simulation set in an open-world environment that falls into both the violent and urban genres. The game is conducted in the fictional city of East Brickton, which is modelled in Buffalo, New York.

Players can design their in-game avatar and create a unique in-game name, ensuring their privacy. The concept of currency and purchasing items or necessities is also included in the experience. It can be earned in a variety of ways, including working at various jobs.

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The game includes aspects of violence, allowing players to rob banks, cause havoc, incite a shootout with other users on the server, and begin a company selling illegal substances. Players can join the East Brickton Police Department to fight crime and take on the role of an officer.

Players will also be able to attack one another in the game. However, in order to buy a gun, gamers must first obtain a firearm permit, which costs 1000 Brickton Bux.

How To Get A Gun In The Game?

In Roblox East Brickton, each player gets to choose the way they want to live. Some players prefer to lead a peaceful, straightforward, and diligent existence. Others may want to be the rulers of the city. Suppose the players anticipate being involved in combat circumstances or just wish to protect themselves from the enemy. In that case, they must possess a gun, which also requires the acquisition of a separate weapon license.

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Follow the simple steps listed below to possess a gun with a weapon license:-

  • The players must visit a gun shop in order to receive a firearm license before getting a gun.
  • To get to the gun shop, the players must start from the Mercy hospital. Then, they must continue straight until they reach the road with the street sign Kent Ave.’ This is the road that runs parallel to the water in front of Mercy Hospital.
  • The Gun Shop is only three blocks away once players have found Kent Ave.
  • Speak with Tyson Birkle,’ the store clerk NPC, and select the May I acquire a handgun license option while inside the Gun Shop.
  • The cost of a firearm license is 1,000 Brickton Bux.
  • Buy the firearm license with the required Brickton Bux.
  • After acquiring the license, speak with Tyson Birkleagain and choose the ‘can I see your selection please?‘ 
  • This will show a list of firearms available to choose from.
  • The Bux ranges of the gun range from 3000 to 15000.
  • The players can buy guns according to their preferences to lead a life in the game they want.

If the players are short of currency to buy their favorite gun, they can always visit the key resource employment center, also known as the job center. When the players go inside the job center, and up to the desk, they’ll be given a list of available jobs which they can perform. The more jobs they complete, the more Brickton Bux they can earn.