How To Drop Items In Roblox

Roblox is an online viral platform that has a collection of millions of games. It is inspired by many animes, movies, etc., making it more relatable among the kids and the youth. This game allows the players to customize almost everything in the game. Players can create their own characters, pick their own items, mini-games, and many more.

The items picked by the players are stored in an inventory. With such a huge number of items in Roblox, inventory management plays a huge role. To manage different items in your inventory, you have to know the process of dropping the extra items in Roblox.

This sounds very easy to someone who has never played any game in Roblox, but this is not an easy question to answer. This question comes with an issue. Roblox allows dropping the items, but it does not provide any particular procedure that you can follow to drop things. You can get detailed steps in this article that players can follow to drop their items to manage their inventories.

Note- All players should remember that dropping off items depends on the game you play. Hence the process given below may or may not work for every game.

Roblox is played on all three types of devices, on PC or laptop, on mobiles or tabs, or Xbox.

PC and Laptops 

There is a huge mass playing Roblox on their pc or laptops. To drop any items while playing on PC, the server in which the game is going on must have dropping enabled. Many servers disable dropping; hence they won’t work on that server.

Follow the steps below to drop items on the PC:

  • Open any web browser and search for Roblox.

  • Go to, open it, and log in or sign up in it with your Roblox account.

  • Launch any game in Roblox.

  • Pick some items. Make sure your inventory is not empty, or else nothing will drop.

  • To Drop, Click on the Backspace button once or twice.
  • If it does not work, click the left mouse button multiple times.
  • If it does not work too, click the delete button many times.

After doing this, the item in the inventory must have been dropped down somewhere near the character. By repeating this step, you can drop all the items in your inventory and pick up whatever you need in the game strategically.

Mobiles And Tabs 

A lot of players in Roblox prefer playing on their Mobile phones. Dropping items in the games is very difficult nowadays. Before 2020 there were a lot of methods to drop items, but after 2020 almost all drop servers are restricted. This one method may work after 2020 too.

Follow the steps below to drop items in Mobiles and Tabs:

  • Open the Roblox Application on the Mobile or open Roblox in any web browser.

  • In Roblox, log in or sign up to your account.
  • Launch any game in Roblox.
  • Pick items from the game. Do not keep your inventory empty before following these steps.

  • Open your mobile’s keyboard.
  • Now, just click on the backspace button continuously. Click the button continuously without any break. Clicking 7 times is the most recommended.

After following this process, players can drop the items, and others can pick them up.

Roblox Xbox 

Many players are engaged playing Roblox on their Xbox. They have questions about dropping items, but like other devices, many servers disable the option of dropping items in the game. Some servers like Skyblock and Minecraft allow dropping items as a part of the game.

Follow the steps below to drop items in Robo Xbox. 

  • Open Roblox and log in or sign up to your Roblox account.
  • Join any Skyblock game.
  • Pick some items. Do not keep your inventory empty before following the steps.
  • Press the down arrow key multiple times that is present on the d-pad. Click the button continuously without any break.
  • The item will drop out, and others can pick them up.
  • If you play Roblox on Xbox, you can follow these steps to drop items.

Inventory Settings In Roblox

To manage your Roblox inventory, you not only can drop items but also have the opportunity to trade things with other players. Roblox has a trade section in which players can buy different items or sell them to others. But before you dive into the trade section, you must ensure that your inventory must be kept visible to the public. By doing this, you can get a lot of updates about new trade offers and different features.

Do as mentioned below:

  • Open any web browser of your choice.

  • Search Roblox.

  • Open and log in or sign up there with your Roblox account.

  • Go to the settings window that is present in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Scroll down the window to Other Settings.

  • Search for “Who Can See My Inventory?”
  • Under that, there will be a section where you have to select Everyone.

After following these steps, your inventory is set to the public. Everyone in the Roblox can See your inventory and can trade items with you.

How To Trade Items In Roblox 

Trading your items is an easy option for the players to manage their inventories. Roblox allows players to buy, sell, and exchange products. To Trade with other players, the first requirement is a premium membership of Roblox. There are three categories of Premium membership available. The first one with $4.99 gives 450 Robux per month, the Second gives 1000 Robux every month for $9.99, and the last one comes with 2200 per month for $19.99. Premium also allows you to get a lot of exclusive offers.

You must have a decent amount of Robux for trading. Hence trading is mainly done by experienced Roblox players. After having some Robux and Premium Membership, Players can start Trading.

  • First, open Roblox in any web browser and log in or sign up with your Roblox account.

  • Open the Roblox store.
  • Fill your inventory by buying different items that you think are worth trading.

SOURCE: GuideRealm

  • Go to different traders’ profiles in Roblox, offer them your goods, and see what you want from their inventory.

SOURCE: GuideRealm

  • You can also resell these items and gain some Robux.

SOURCE: GuideRealm

Other traders can also visit your profile and offer to trade with them. Follow the above steps, and you can manage your inventory properly as well as have a chance to gain some Robux too.