How Many Warnings Until You Get Banned On Roblox?

A ban is applied when a player disobeys the terms of services set by the Roblox. However, a ban can be applied only by a Roblox staff to the concerned player. But, it can be reported by anyone. Warnings are given to the concerned players initially on a few occasions. But, continuing the same mistakes leads to the termination of their account. Staff can’t impose an in-game ban, but the creators of the game can apply it. However, those got sanctioned in-game can have access to the Roblox site, though.
Given below are the various penalties applied for various offenses

In-game ban: 

Here the concerned player is barred from a game that is not applied by the admins.

Forum Purge: 

This bans to content deletion. It means the concerned player’s entire forum posts will be altered with the words.


Though reminders are no more applied, a warning is given. This is applied when the user infringes minor rules. However, there is no fear of the account being suspended here.


This is pretty akin to the Reminders. It is meant to make the user aware of sticking to the terms of service. Users are warned 15 times for small mistakes, before ultimately getting banned.

Ban duration

One day ban means the account is banned for 24 hours.

The three-day ban means that the account is banned for 72 hours, and seven day’s ban means the ban is applied for a week.
In the case of 14 day’s ban, the player is banned for two weeks.

Types of bans

Account deletion: 

In this case, the account of the concerned player is banned permanently. Violating federal regulations leads to such bans instantly.
Poison ban:

In this case, the account of the concerned player is deleted, and a fresh account development on the specific IP address or connection to the player’s email is also removed. However, the user is still allowed to go through as a guest or through an account that is not linked to the email of the deleted player.

IP ban: 

This ban is applied only on occasions of serious breaching of federal rules or service terms.
In this case, every player on the concerned IP is barred for seven days while trying to have access to the ROBLOX website. Four hundred three errors are showcased to the concerned player.

Un authorized Credentials Ban

This, in other words, is the permanent IP ban. This is considered the harshest form of ban applied by ROBLOX. Here each of the players on the IP address is blocked forever. This shows 401 errors to the concerned player.
It is always suggested for the users to request for re-consideration of the action through the mail, upon being banned. Specifically, on those occasions where a user feels that the ban applied is not fair, he/she can appeal. Though it is claimed that the chances of appeals made being accepted is very less, but one should not fail to try of he thinks the ban applied is unfair.