How Long Does Pending Robux Take

Robux is an essential asset for gamers in Roblox World. It is a premium currency used by gamers. Gamers use Robux to buy games inside Roblox, private servers to play games, and other items for the characters.

Players can get the Robux in two ways. They can purchase them and convert money to Gaming currency in Roblox. This is the easiest way to get Robux in Roblox. It can also be purchased on the Buy Robux page and get your Robux. The other way to get Robux is by earning them through games. Players can get Robux as a reward in some games. They are also offered as gift cards which can be redeemed in Roblox.

Sometimes after redeeming codes or purchasing Robux, do not restore instantly. They get pending and don’t show to your account.

Getting Pending Robux Faster

Pending Robux takes around three to seven days to come into your account. It also depends on the amount of Robux you have asked for. Players must contact Roblox if the expected Robux is not credited to their accounts.

If players want the credit to be faster, click on the iPad icon in the top right corner of the Roblox Application. Then go to the Summary Menu and open Sales of Good. Then the pending Robux can be checked and converted to Roblox donations afterward. Note that Roblox charges a thirty percent fee from Robux donation of yours.

How To check Pending Robux

Do you want to check whether your Robux is pending or not?

Follow the steps below and check what you have inside your Roblox account:

  • Open the Roblox website in any web browser or Roblox app.
  • Log in or sign up with your email and password to your Roblox account.

  • Then head forward to the Current Roblox Balance

  • From the new window, go to Where is My Robux?
  • Wait until the My Transaction page is loaded.

  • Then go to the Summary section when the pending Robux information is mentioned.

Pending Robux on Private Servers

Generally, Pending Robux takes three to seven days to get into your account. For the Private Servers, that works the same. It takes a minimum of three to seven days to give Robux to private servers. The pending Robux does not rely on the player’s server. If Robux is still pending after seven days, contact the Roblox developers. The time also depends on the amount you earn. It may take a little longer if the amount is high. Also, if the Robux is earned illegally, it may take much more time than usual.


The Roblox administration is full of requests to clear the pending Robux issue. This is not any technical glitches or any big issue to worry about. This state is commonly called escrow. The pending Robux is to be cleared maximum within seven days. If not, then directly contact the Roblox administration and wait patiently for their response towards your due Robux.