How Do You Private a Message in a Game on Roblox?

Roblox contains different types of games inside it. It has multiple mini-games. Communication between gamers is highly required to succeed in all these games. Games provide a chat box to communicate with each other inside the game.

Communication can occur with all the players togetherly inside the chat box. But sometimes, players have to send messages to a particular person according to the game requirement. But here the question arises: Can players send private messages?

The answer is Yes. Players can send specific messages to specific players. These features increase the players’ gaming experience by providing more precise communication. To send private messages to specific players, there are ways.

Ways To Send Private Messages

Players can communicate with a specific person directly in the chat box. It will indicate the message to the recipient on his screen. Maximum Roblox games provide the same chat box features. Mainly there are 2 ways to send private messages in Roblox games.

  • Launch any game in Roblox

  • Start and play
  • Open chats and click on the name you want to send a private message

  • Now you can see the name in the message input fields
  • Type your message in the input section and send it.

The other way of doing this is

  • Launch the game

  • Start and Play

  • Open the chat box and click on the input field

  • Type “\w” and click Spacebar
  • Type the message and send it.

Note that the private message sent will indicate the specific player’s screen but will show to everyone around the game server.