How Do You Find Out What Game Someone Plays On Roblox Without Being Their Friend?

If you’re someone who wants to ascertain what game someone else is playing on Roblox without being their friend. We have a bunch of tricks you can follow, and find out what your frenemy is up to.

A well-liked online game called Roblox allows users to play and make games. In this multiplayer game, players from all over the world communicate with one another while engaged in combat. This game has quickly gained popularity not only in specific nations but also throughout the world as a whole. Due to its unique qualities, the sport amused online players. The game is well-known and played online frequently.

Finding out what games someone plays will usually depend on that player’s privacy settings. With that, you can find out what they are currently playing without being friends with them.

Follow the steps listed below to check what game they’re playing:

  • As a first step, Login to your Roblox account in the app or the browser.

  • Type the username of the person you want to check in the search box that is found on the homepage.

  • If that person is currently playing any game, the game’s name will be made visible unless they have it restricted to their games.

You might now be able to find out what a particular person is playing currently by being friends with them unless they have restrictions to display the games.