How Do I Play Roblox On a School Computer

Roblox is a gaming platform reaching out to millions of users every day. It has become trendy all over the world. Roblox has especially made a place in the hearts of the young masses. But this is not appreciated by the teacher in the school.

School computers are blocked access for playing Roblox. These computers can only be used for educational purposes. All other servers are kept blocked. But students have free time and nothing to do during breaks, so they can play Roblox. Yes, students can access the Roblox service even if it’s blocked by the school using Roblox VPNs.


VPN, which is a Virtual Private Network, tool that manipulates your location and encrypts your data. It takes you out of any kind of reaction or blockage by hiding your data. After connecting to VPN, the local restrictions can be applied. Hence students can access Roblox, watch Netflix, use social media, and many more at school.

  • Search for a VPN from any web browser.

  • Download it.

  • Then install it on the school computer.

  • Sign in to the VPN.

SOURCE: Husker’s Tech

  • Buy the VPN subscription if it is paid.


  • Create a safe encrypted environment.
  • Then you are free to enjoy your Roblox games.

Some of the best VPNs are:-

  • NordVPN- This is the best Student friendly VPN to play Roblox. It provides a very fast NordLynx protocol. Best for internet games like Roblox.

  • Surfshark- This VPN gives the best work with the best budget. It permits unlimited connection. Great speed WireGuard Protocol that can be best for the online gaming experience.