Does Roblox Delete Inactive Accounts?

There has been a lot of talk about Roblox deleting the inactive accounts of people who are not logging in to their accounts over years. Some believe it might be true, and some strongly disagree with the same.

Roblox has recently changed its policy regarding inactive accounts. Players who have not logged into their account within a year will get a message saying, “Your account was disabled due to inactivity.”

However, many players were unaware that this change had occurred. Well, this is just the tip of the pyramid. We’ll get to know more regarding this in the article below.

The Reality?

Roblox doesn’t delete your inactive account; it just disables it so new and upcoming players can take up your username. It is speculation, as even Roblox hasn’t mentioned these details on their support page. However, most people who use Roblox have claimed that they haven’t touched their Roblox account in years, but it is still active and working.


The speculation fits here because millions of accounts are created daily on Roblox, creating a heavy server load. So, what does Roblox do to counter that? Do they delete millions of inactive accounts daily to balance this?

In conclusion, if you haven’t logged into Roblox in over a year, your account will be disabled. It means that even though you were not playing Roblox for so many years, you can still log in one day and get back to playing Roblox again!