Da Hood Value List (July 2024)

Da Hood, a popular urban-themed game on the Roblox platform, has captivated players with its detailed environment, engaging gameplay, and notably, its immersive trading system. For both novice and expert players, having a firm grasp on item values is pivotal for a rewarding trading experience. This article sheds light on the Da Hood value list, its veracity, and provides insights into the world of trading within the game.

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Da Hood Skins Trading Value
RGB Karambit Value: 2,250,000
GPO Prestige Value: 450,000
Valentine Value: 7,000
Glassy Value: 5,000
Tact Value: 5,000
Hero Value: 5,000
Galaxy Value: 5,000
Matrix Value: 5,000
Galactic Value: 5,000
Toy Value: 5,000
Christmas Wrap Value: 5,000
Snow Wrap Value: 5,000
Red Hot Value: 5,000
Valentine Value: 5,000
Kitty Value: 5,000
Red Skull Value: 5,000
Blue Wrap Value: 5,000
Soul Value: 5,000
Cartoon Value: 5,000
Mystical Value: 5,000
Fantasy Value: 5,000
Candy Value: 5,000
Electric Value: 5,000
VideoGame Value: 5,000
Halloween Value: 5,000
Galaxy Value: 4,500
Future Value: 4,500
Icey Value: 4,500
Red Death Value: 4,500
Biohazard Value: 4,500
8BIT Value: 4,500
Glassy Value: 4,200
Red Hot Value: 4,200
Inferno Value: 4,000
Shadow Value: 4,000
Premium Red Value: 4,000
Red Tiger Value: 4,000
Bat Sharp Value: 4,000
Halloween Value: 4,000
Premium Yellow Value: 4,000
Black White Value: 4,000
Love Kukri Value: 4,000
Venom Value: 4,000
Valentine Value: 4,000
Fish Value: 4,000
Toy Value: 4,000
Biohazard Value: 4,000
Electric Value: 4,000
Snow Wrap Value: 4,000
Kitty Value: 4,000
Icey Value: 4,000
Red Skull Value: 4,000
8BIT Value: 4,000
Cutesy Value: 4,000
Inferno Value: 3,600
Inferno Value: 3,500
Patriot Value: 3,500
Snow Wrap Value: 3,500
Christmas Wrap Value: 3,500
Red Hot Value: 3,500
Blue Wrap Value: 3,500
Electric Value: 3,500
Valentine Value: 3,500
Red Death Value: 3,500
Luck Value: 3,500
Gold Glory Value: 3,500
Matrix Value: 3,500
Pink Fuchsia Value: 3,500
Shadow Value: 3,500
Orange Marker Value: 3,000
Christmas Wrap Value: 3,000
Green Marker Value: 3,000
Luck Value: 3,000
Black Marker Value: 3,000
Matrix Value: 3,000
Electric Value: 3,000
Valentine Value: 3,000
Shadow Value: 3,000
Red Hot Value: 3,000
Icey Value: 3,000
Glassy Value: 3,000
Snow Wrap Value: 3,000
Red Marker Value: 3,000
Brown Marker Value: 3,000
Purple Marker Value: 3,000
Red Death Value: 3,000
Gold Glory Value: 3,000
Inferno Value: 3,000
Galaxy Value: 3,000
Luck Value: 2,700
Inferno Value: 2,700
Patriot Value: 2,500
Glassy Value: 2,500
Biohazard Value: 2,500
Icey Value: 2,500
Blue Wrap Value: 2,500
Matrix Value: 2,500
Gold Glory Value: 2,500
Red Death Value: 2,500
Red Hot Value: 2,500
Pink Fuchsia Value: 2,500
Galaxy Value: 2,500
Luck Value: 2,200
Matrix Value: 2,000
Blue Wrap Value: 2,000
Red Hot Value: 2,000
Valentine Value: 2,000
Shadow Value: 2,000
Snow Wrap Value: 2,000
Glassy Value: 2,000
Tact Value: 2,000
Inferno Value: 2,000
Pink Fuchsia Value: 2,000
Biohazard Value: 2,000
Icey Value: 2,000
Patriot Value: 2,000
Red Death Value: 1,700
Electric Value: 1,700
Valentine Value: 1,700
Shadow Value: 1,700
Gold Glory Value: 1,700
Matrix Value: 1,700
Toy Value: 1,700
Shadow Value: 1,650
Electric Value: 1,600
Icey Value: 1,500
Patriot Value: 1,500
Christmast Wrap Value: 1,500
Glassy Value: 1,500
Pink Fuchsia Value: 1,500
Biohazard Value: 1,500
Red Hot Value: 1,500
Snow Wrap Value: 1,500
Christmas Wrap Value: 1,500
Ski Mask Horns White Value: 1,500
Ski Mask Horns Value: 1,500
Ski Mask Horns DH Value: 1,500
Shadow Value: 1,500
Electric Value: 1,500
Blue Wrap Value: 1,200
Snow Wrap Value: 1,200
Icey Value: 1,200
Biohazard Value: 1,200
Christmas Wrap Value: 1,200
Glassy Value: 1,200
Pink Fuchsia Value: 1,200
Premium Yellow Value: 1,200
Premium Red Value: 1,200
Red Tiger Value: 1,200
Venom Value: 1,200
Danger Value: 1,000
Red Tiger Value: 1,000
Premium Red Value: 1,000
Future Value: 1,000
Venom Value: 1,000
Rainbow Value: 1,000
Premium Yellow Value: 1,000
Black White Value: 1,000
Black and White Value: 1,000
Blue Wrap Value: 1,000
Snow Wrap Value: 1,000
Boxcutters Value: 1,000
Scissor Value: 1,000
Buster Value: 1,000
Ski Mask Skull Value: 1,000
Ski Mask Red Value: 1,000
Ski Mask II DH Value: 1,000
Ski Mask Pink Value: 1,000
Ski Mask Half Green Value: 1,000
Ski Mask Horns Pink Value: 1,000
Ski Mask Blue Value: 1,000
Icey Value: 1,000
Christmas Wrap Value: 1,000
Glassy Value: 1,000
Biohazard Value: 1,000
Pink Fuchsia Value: 1,000
Hockey DH Value: 500
Ski Mask Saint II Value: 500
Hockey Gradient Value: 500
Ski Mask Red Eye Value: 500
Ski Mask X Value: 500
Ski Mask Saint Value: 500
Ski Mask DH Value: 500

Are The Values Accurate?

The value lists in online multiplayer games like Da Hood are in constant flux. With game updates, fluctuating player demands, in-game events, and the introduction of fresh items, values can shift rapidly. Many seasoned players or fan communities curate Da Hood’s value lists, attempting to offer the most recent and precise data.

However, it’s essential to approach with a discerning eye. While numerous lists are meticulously updated and anchored in thorough research, some might be influenced by individual biases or outdated data. Always cross-reference multiple trusted sources for the most accurate information.

What Is The Most Valuable Item?

The title of “most valuable item” in Da Hood is dynamic, often influenced by the ebb and flow of the game’s internal economy. Historically, limited-edition items or those associated with special events or milestones in the game tend to garner higher demand and, consequently, greater value. It’s recommended for players to stay attuned to the game’s official channels and active community discussions to pinpoint the current high-demand items in Da Hood.

How To Win Trades In Da Hood?

To excel in trades within Da Hood, one needs a combination of informed decision-making, keen observation, and excellent communication.

  1. Stay Informed: Familiarize yourself with the latest value lists. Understand the current market demand and historical trends of items you’re interested in trading.
  2. Negotiation Skills: Every successful trade is rooted in mutual satisfaction. Clearly communicate your expectations, be open to negotiation, and ensure you’re not rushing into a decision.
  3. Keep An Ear To The Ground: Da Hood’s trading landscape can shift with new game updates or item releases. Regularly engage with the game’s community and news to stay ahead of potential value shifts.

How Do You Become Wealthy In Da Hood?

Building wealth in Da Hood is an intricate dance of strategic gameplay, insightful trading, and community engagement.

  1. Strategic Acquisitions: Target items with potential future value, especially those that are limited-edition or associated with seasonal events.
  2. Consistent Gameplay: Playing regularly not only hones your skills but also offers more chances to obtain valuable items.
  3. Community Interaction: Engaging with Da Hood’s community, be it through forums, Discord servers, or other platforms, can provide invaluable insights, trading opportunities, and tips.

Why Do People Grind?

The act of grinding, repeatedly performing in-game tasks for rewards, is central to the allure of games like Da Hood.

  1. Sense of Achievement: Progressing through levels, unlocking rare items, or mastering specific challenges offers intrinsic satisfaction.
  2. Economic Benefits: Regular grinding can lead to collecting valuable items, facilitating profitable trades.
  3. Community Interaction: The camaraderie of teaming up with others and the thrill of competition often make repetitive tasks more engaging.
  4. Exclusive Rewards: Da Hood’s special events often demand grinding to unlock unique items, adding to the game’s appeal.


Da Hood, with its vibrant trading system, provides players an exhilarating mix of strategy, negotiation, and reward. By understanding the game’s value system, refining trading strategies, and actively participating in the community, players can make the most of their Da Hood experience. Happy trading!