How do I Contact Roblox For Help? 3 Ways to Contact Roblox

Roblox is a massive multiplayer and online game creation platform. The game creation system enables members to play and create games of different genres. You are going to find a wide range of options from traditional taste palate to role-playing games. As of 2019, Roblox is highly acknowledged to make 100 million active users.

Now to address the subject line of how you should contact Roblox for help, follow the steps mentioned herein below. There are three ways of doing this action. You can make a call to their customer support line at 888-858-2569. The second way is to reach the Roblox through a voicemail and thirdly fill out their online support form for general issues. Email is another option standing for you always.

Calling Roblox Customer Support

1. You can reach out to Roblox Customer Support at 888-858-2569. This line is open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This line is an automated menu system that requires you to leave a voice mail. You have to entail your personal information. And, you can expect a call after that. Don’t worry, and you can make the call for free.

2. The automated prompts ask you for some information. Press 2 if you are a parent or player older than 18 years of age. This will introduce you to the part where you can gather details about your Roblox account, software, or billing.

3. Press 0 after 2 to get a callback. When you fulfill the prompted messages, Roblox is going to give you a call back to know for what reason you have tried to reach out to the customer care support service.

1. Emailing Roblox Customer Support 

1. Every organization has its email id. So, take the opportunity to give your concern or issue directly. Send your question to

2. When you are writing the mail, include your name, billing information, and account information — draft here all that you want from the company.

3. As you know, Roblox does not give out live support; you will have to wait for the team’s response after you send the mail. Keep your calm on nerves.

2. Roblox Support Form Online

1. Roblox offers an online fillable form. Here you can fill your complaints.

2. Enter your personal information at the starting of the form. Confirm your email address twice. Only your first name is going to do the action.

3. Confirm what you do with Roblox as you play on a PC or console, etc.

4. At the bottom of the page, explain your issue, or complain.

3. Roblox help via phone

It depends on what concern or issue you have submitted, Roblox is going to reply to you for the same. If it is for the game issue, you are going to get a reply from the developers. And, if it is for an account and other miscellaneous kinds of stuff, the professional team is going to address your concern.

If you still don’t own an account in Roblox, go and grab one.