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Mad City is an incredibly well-designed game and it’s no wonder that you’d like some Mad City Codes to enhance the fun. Some great Mad City Codes give you a lot of stuff in the game and all of them are free. Some codes have expired but many are so active and this article will give you a complete list of active Mad City Codes.

Mad City is an open-world game where you have the choice to be either a villain or a hero. The best thing is, both roles are equally rewarding and have great gameplay. So whether you want to save the city by being a hero or destroy it by becoming a villain, Mad City keeps everything going smoothly. So getting a few Mad City Codes is only going to increase the amount of enjoyment you get out of the game.

How to Redeem Mad City Codes

Redeeming Mad City Codes is quite easy. All you need to do is simply open up the phone in the game and look for the bluebird Twitter icon. Once located, simply tap on it and you can see a text box where you can enter the code. Type in the code exactly as it is and press the submit button. That said, you’ll have successfully redeemed a free Mad City Code.

Mad City Codes

There are several great Mad City Codes available right now and all of them are listed here. Some codes can expire so make sure you redeem them as soon as you have a chance. It is better to redeem codes as they become available to avoid expiration dates.

W33k3NDHYP3 – Gives a Monochrome vehicle skin

M4DC1TY – Gives a Black Hex AK47 skin

B3M1N3 – Gives Hearts SPAS skin

T4L3N – Gives a Talon vehicle spoiler

B34M3R – Gives Sunbeam vehicle skin

S33Z4N2 – Gives a Frosty vehicle skin

S34Z4N3 – Gives Plasma vehicle skin

S34Z4N4 – Gives Purple Zebra vehicle skin

STR33TL1N3 – Gives Streetline vehicle skin

TH1NKP1NK – Gives a Pinky vehicle skin

0N3Y34R – Gives Birthday Fireworks vehicle skin

RealKreek – Gets you the KreekCraft vehicle skin

5K37CH – Gives the Sk3tchYT vehicle skin

Napkin – Gives you the NapkinNate vehicle skin

Bandites – Gives the Bandites vehicle Skin

KraoESP – Gives you the KraoESP Vehicle skin

D1$C0 – Gets you the Disco vehicle skin

uNiQueEe BACON – Gives the MyUsernamesThis vehicle skin


These were some of the best Mad City Codes that are active right now. We’ll be keeping a close eye on new codes as they become available and add them to the list. We help you have a great time in this awesome Roblox game with these codes and new vehicle skins.