30 Best Scary Roblox Games You Should Play

With millions of games on Roblox across various genres, it has something to offer to all players. And if you happen to be a horror fanatic who loves playing scary games, or you are here to just find a game to jumpscare your friend. We have got just the right thing for you.

Presenting thirty of the Scariest Roblox Games in no particular order:-    

1. Casual Board Game

SOURCE: Morbid Games

You are Mike Letterman, a nineteen-year-old student who just bought a house with the help of your parents. While cleaning your new home, you found a mysterious game board in your basement. Enter the Ouija board. You can ask the spirit questions through the Ouija board. The candles must be lit quickly to not anger the spirit after asking a question. You have to quickly hide under the table if you hear scary noise or feel the spirit is nearby. If you anger the spirit by asking the wrong questions and ignoring the signs, you will be forced to meet the spirit, which will kick you out of the game.

2. Facility

SOURCE: @Shwerpyyy

A spooky soundtrack welcomes the player into the game. Armed with an axe and a flashlight, they start somewhere in a forest. The player has to make their way to the facility, drenched in the rain and surrounded by darkness. They have to use the axe to chop away any trees blocking their way. It is also needed to break through the blockades at the Facility Entrance. As soon as they enter the facility, they will be tasked with some objectives, like finding something in the building to gain access to further levels. There is also something else in the building with the player; hopefully, they don’t run into it.

3. Nanny


Nanny is a multiplayer horror survival game. The player is spawned either as a Baby or as the Nanny. The baby has to find tools while crawling around the map. These tools are essential in solving the puzzles. The babies also have to evade the Nanny and hide to avoid being captured.

Meanwhile, the Nanny has to capture the babies and prevent them from solving the puzzles. A random map is chosen at the beginning of every match. The sound effects are truly what adds the horror element to this game. And if the player does get caught by the Nanny while playing as the baby, they are in for a nasty surprise.

4. Frontpage Horror Game

SOURCE: Sircher Fans

Frontpage Horror game starts off with a dark tale of Casper, the clown. Casper worked in a famous circus, but unfortunately, he broke his spine one day. To get back to his old life, Casper found The Well. Then the player is subjected to a really terrific Jumpscare? Another jumpscare later, they awaken in an unknown place, where the true horror fest starts. Spooky sounds, scary lights, and jumpscares will make the player jump in fright.

5. Void

SOURCE: 404 Productions

Void can be played either solo or with friends. The premise is that the player has fallen asleep and finds themselves in an alternate reality with strange creatures. Unable to differentiate between what is real and what is not, the player sets out to uncover the truth and escape that place. Chilling sounds and rain accompany the player as they travel across a dark expanse. To kick off things, the player must find and activate three glowing totems across the forest. The occasional flashes of lightning could sometimes reveal things the player might hope not to see.

6. Kampong

SOURCE: Rifly Entertainment

Kampong can be played either solo or in multiplayer mode. The soundtrack is really well made, with all the added scary voices. This is noticeable before the game even starts. There is an objective menu that has the objectives; it serves as hints of progression to the player. The player starts with five lives; these are lost if the jinns attack them. Jinns chase after the player only if they look at them or when the player is close to them. Jinns can be banished by reciting when the prompt shows up; it shows up only when close to a jinn. The success rate of the banishment is 1/3.

7. Us are Toys

SOURCE: @UmmmOkayWhat

Us Are Toys is a multiplayer horror game. The player goes on a field trip to a toy factory upon being invited to visit it by the Fun factory to tour the factory. The player gets to finally hear a full-fledged voice talking to them, albeit a little creepy. The voice belongs to the Fun Factory manager and the player’s guide through the factory. The manager passes the baton to a creepy rabbit named Billy, who looks like a donkey hybrid. With his creepy voice, Billy goes over the safety tips for the player. With that, the player is handed over the reins to explore the factory.

8. Evelyn

SOURCE: @Alluzive

Evelyn is an adventure horror game with a focus on the mystery. The player played as a police detective back in 1921. Their task is to find out what happened to Evelyn. The player can solve this mystery alone, with another player, or in a team of three or four players. As soon as they start the game, the player is handed the case notes of a thirteen-year-old Evelyn, who died mysteriously. A doll presented to Evelyn on her thirteenth birthday seems to have been the cause. With this new piece of information, the player sets out to the now-abandoned home of Evelyn.

9. Frigid Dusk

SOURCE: Idc Studio

Frigid Dusk is a very popular multiplayer horror game. Up to eight players can group up in the lobby, and if the player is feeling particularly adventurous, they can go solo too. The player’s objective is to retrieve a weaponized mutagenic bio-agent developed by a group of scientists that has been stolen. The player is dropped off in a chopper in the middle of nowhere at the start of the game. They must venture through the woods and go into a long system of tunnels to find a secret facility. Now, this is where the actual game begins.

10. Dead Silence

SOURCE:  @DoomX10

Dead Silence is a multiplayer horror game that can be played solo or with up to four players. It has been a very successful game, and now there is a sequel to it riding on the success of this game. In this game, the player investigates the legend of Mary S. They start inside a sewer system somewhere. There are puzzles to solve as they proceed through the sewer. The player informs their partner through the radio about their findings; as they are walking on the tracks, suddenly they encounter a train.

11. Dead Silence 2

SOURCE:  @DoomX10

Dead Silence 2 is a multiplayer horror game that can be played solo or with up to four players. It is the sequel to the popular game- Dead Silence. In this game, the player starts in the sewers, yet again just like in the prequel. As they delve deeper into the sewer, they find a missing person poster of Leslie Withers, a policewoman. According to that poster, she went missing on patrol, and her car was found abandoned on the outskirts of the town. After the player manages to tear down the boarded-up entrance to a vent, they can crawl through it to access other parts of the pitch-black tunnel.

12. The Mimic


The Mimic is a very popular survival horror game. It has four books, each centered around a story. All of them are based on Japanese history and notorious urban legends. In each book, the player finds themselves as a different character exploring it. There’s a unique entity in each world along with the player. The four books are themed on Rebirth, Jealousy, Rage, and Control. The game’s design is pretty well made, and the soundtrack and the lighting intensify the spooky vibe. There are objectives so that the player doesn’t go astray.

13. Playtime


Playtime is a horror puzzle game inspired by Poppy Playtime. According to the backstory, ten years ago, something tragic occurred at Playtime co., and everyone thought the staff had disappeared. The factory has been abandoned ever since then. That brings us back to the present, where the player receives a cryptic letter. The letter says that the staff is still there to find the Flower. With that, the player starts in the abandoned Playtime co. building. The player must solve puzzles and proceed through the factory, all the while avoiding something that is out to get them.

14. Judy

SOURCE: Phantom Archive

With thousands of daily active players, Judy keeps dragging the players back into the game for more. It has three chapters currently, and with the way things are going, more can be expected. In the first chapter, the player and their friends investigate an old abandoned Theme park from the ’70s. The player must discover the mystery surrounding Judy’s past and all the events related to her disappearance. The player finds themselves in the theme park in front of a roller coaster. Flashing lights and creepy machinery accompany the player through the theme park, encroached by darkness. The player will initially encounter something unpleasant after getting off the roller coaster.

15. Apeirophobia

SOURCE: Monochrome Studios.

Apeirophobia is a massively popular horror exploration game. Before starting the game, allow us to bring some interesting facts to light. Apeirophobia, taken from Greek, means the fear of the infinite, so how does this make sense as the game name? We’ll get to that in a moment; this game is inspired by Kane Pixel’s videos on Youtube and some content from The Backrooms wiki. The keyword here is Backrooms. Kane Pixel’s videos are about Backrooms too. So what are Backrooms? The Backrooms concept is a creepypasta and an Urban legend; it describes an infinite maze of rooms. The characteristic feature is the yellow walls and buzzing lights. Hopefully, the title of the game makes more sense now. Now that the player knows where they are heading, will they be able to escape while solving puzzles, hiding from the unknown entities they are trapped with?

16. Alone in a Dark house

SOURCE: @umamidayo

Alone in a Dark House is a game that was even nominated for the Best Single player Horror Game in Bloxy Awards 2020. It is a story-driven game set in the year 1996. The player plays a detective who was assigned to solve a murder involving a vehicle. Their journey takes them to an abandoned house in a small town. While they are investigating there, it seems they are being watched as a family’s dark secrets are being brought to light. Soon, the player becomes the hunted, as the silent watchers remain quiet no longer.

17. Geisha

SOURCE:  BDStudios

Although Geisha is a multiplayer horror game, it can be played solo too. Many players recommend playing with 2-3 players as it becomes easier to cover ground faster. Geisha is often compared with The Mimic, based on Japanese urban legends and creepypasta. In the beginning, the player makes their way into a house through gravel under the canopy of the trees. As soon as they enter the house, they are given certain objectives. The player proceeds through the story as they complete the objectives by scouring through the abandoned yet haunted house.

18. Finders Keepers

SOURCE: @ojbaby

In Finders Keepers, the player is a Paranormal activity Investigator. They find themselves trapped inside a house. With a flashlight for company, they must explore the house. While exploring, they chance upon a piece of paper, a house layout. It has red circles drawn in two places; what will they find there? This game surprisingly has voice lines for the character that the player plays. And there seem to be more pieces of paper with the house layout marked with red circles. What are they?

19. The Maze

SOURCE: @HyperSlica

The Maze is another Horror survival game with an emphasis on survival. When the player spawns inside the game, there is a camping truck right in front of them. In the camping truck, the player can find a few tools essential for survival. They can be picked up by clicking on them. The flashlight’s battery drains while it is used inside the Maze; the player can find scattered batteries, and skeletons, for example, inside the maze. Other than the flashlight, there’s a camera that the player can pick up while inside the camping truck. If the player is wondering about the path to the Maze, all they have to do is follow the trail of bloody footprints into a cave. Simple, right?

20. Maria?

SOURCE: @Epicbrainfart108

In Maria? The player is supposedly an investigator. Maria is a sinister woman on the run from the police; the player’s task is to track her down. The player starts near a fuming broken-down car in a snowy terrain surrounded by boulders. They must make their way over a narrow bridge to finally end up near an eerie house. That, my friends, is the Lobby. Here they can listen to some very beautiful and creepy music while they decide on going solo, duo, in the trio, or in a squad of four. There are two chapters to choose from.

21. Bewildered

SOURCE: @FilmZen

In Bewildered, the player starts outside a Mansion. There are two game pass shops where the player can buy a Lantern and a speed buff for Robux. There’s a nice little feature outside the mansion through which the player can obtain a glow stick to light their path. The mansion’s inside is creatively designed; there are more game pass shops inside, an exclusive room for group members, a gallery, and the lobby for Chapters 1 and 2. There’s also a secret door outside the mansion.

22. Elmira

SOURCE: Drawing Board Studios

Elmira is a thrilling horror game; the player dozes off during a school trip. When they wake up, they are greeted by the cold emptiness of the night and find everyone else missing. There is only a dilapidated hospital in sight. And Of course, the others must be inside the hospital, and the player must go look for them. If that was not creepy enough already, the moment the player goes near the hospital door, all the lights start going out, one after the other.

23. The Mirror

SOURCE: @Egroce

The Mirror has an interesting premise; it is a psychological horror game. I called this game interesting as it is based on a real psychological phenomenon called the Strange-face in the Mirror Illusion. This strange face illusion is an apparitional experience produced when a person stares at their reflection for a prolonged period in a dimly lit room. They start seeing deformed faces, and unknown or strange beings, among other things. Now, this is interesting, right? The game is, too; the player has multiple endings to discover.

24. Before Truth

SOURCE: @johnpcps

Before Truth is another investigative Horror game, the player is a detective tasked with an investigation of a mysterious disappearance and a possible murder. The starting of the game gives old movie vibes; the player is on a Jeep driving with some pleasant music. When all of a sudden, the music stops, and the detective recounts the report they received. David Johnson’s wife and daughter both went missing; he had found bloodstains around the house. Now the player must enter that very house.

25. Faith

SOURCE: Dexus Studios

Faith is set in a dystopian backdrop. There seems to be an outbreak of a dangerous virus, and the player goes out looking for the cure. The game begins with the player arriving on an Island on a rainy night. They find a note as they make their way out of the pier. A note is warning them to run away while they are still able to. Because at night roam things which are best not encountered.

26. Horroremon

SOURCE: Pangsai Legion

Horroremon is a horror exploration game. Did the title of the game seem familiar? If it did, then it is because it is based on the Insanely popular anime- Doraemon. Things related to Children seem to work pretty well as horror themes. First, it was clowns, then dolls, and now it is poor old Doraemon. Anyways, the player finds themselves in Nobita’s room, and talking to him reveals that the sky turned dark all of a sudden, and everyone turned into monsters.

27. The Rake Remastered

SOURCE: @DarthRealist

The Rake Remastered, like the name suggests, is the remastered version of the original Rake game. Every night the Rake comes out of its cave to hunt the players. The players must survive the night by evading the Rake. The game is divided into day and night cycles; a day lasts for 2 mins and 30secs, while the night lasts for 8 mins and 20 secs. Players start with a flashlight, and additional items like a compass and a flare gun can be obtained.

28. The Asylum

SOURCE: @johnpcps

The Asylum is a name that can be easily associated with the horror genre. It can be played solo or with up to three more players. The player is an explorer out to explore a 1910’s Asylum. Of course, they have nothing better to do than explore an Asylum that screams horror very clearly. Why can’t they just explore the jungle with a monkey and a backpack like Dora The Explorer? They never change; the player finds a missing poster and then proceeds to explore the Asylum.

29. The Black Death

SOURCE: @Tacca_BioX

The Black Death has nothing to do with the pandemic that broke out in the 1300s. It, instead, is a harmless horror game on Roblox. The players start in a sparsely furnished room. After managing to unlock the locked doors and venturing out of the room, they discover that they are in a large house. They must navigate around the house while solving puzzles to make sense of what is happening.

30. 3008

SOURCE: @uglyburger0

3008 or the SCP-3008, the infinite IKEA is a horror survival game based on the SCP-3008. The players are trapped inside an infinite IKEA; they must traverse through that huge horrorscape filled with furniture. Using the things lying around, they will have to build their base and survive the attacking IKEA employees. The employees go berserk in the night and are out for the player’s blood, but come a day, they turn into harmless and friendly staff, your usual IKEA employees.