Top 15 Best Roblox FPS Games In 2022

Roblox is a platform for online gaming and a tool for game development created by the Roblox Corporation that enables users to create games and play those made by others.

Roblox is a free game with in-game purchases, available through the game’s virtual currency known as Robux.

The Roblox creators’ community is impressive. It’s no surprise that they’ve created a number of different FPS games, given their ability to create some truly magnificent and addictive games. Roblox’s collection of FPS offerings ranges from clones of popular games to completely unique experiences.

1. Roblox Bad Business:

SOURCE: Bad Business

Roblox Bad Business is a polished and well-designed FPS game. This game has a deep character customization system and gameplay, which enables the players to that this is a team-based FPS game on Roblox.

  • In this game, XPs are obtained by the kills made by the players.
  • This game enables players to play as a team with others.
  • The characters can be upgraded with an in-depth progression system.
  • New skins can be obtained by completing challenges in the game.

2. Roblox Big Paintball:


Big Paintball is a nearly faithful recreation of the classic outdoor sport. This bright and relaxing game can be played with both friends and strangers. The bright colors create a relaxed atmosphere that will have you focusing on enjoyment rather than l33t skills.

  • The players can make the battlefield a colorful mess.
  • Shots can be calculated using the realistic distance and weight parameters.
  • A large paintball arsenal can be used.

3. Roblox Counter-Blox:

SOURCE: ROLVe Community

Roblox Counter-Blox takes on the popular esports weapons and most popular bomb-defusing and hostage-rescue maps. If the players are well versed in aiming and shooting, this game is perfect for showing off their skills.

  • This game emphasizes realistic shooting mechanics to test the players’ skills.
  • The players can compete with their friends in over 10 recreated Counter-Strike maps.

4. Roblox Military Combat Tycoon:

SOURCE: Entelechy Entertainment

This is not just an ordinary FPS game that only needs killing; the players must do a lot more than just killing. The players must build the greatest base and amuse their opponents with their enormous weapons and military vehicles.

  • To build a base, the players need to make lots of kills.
  • Vehicles like helicopters, tanks, and boats can be used.
  • Vehicles should be used to travel and fight as large groups with enemies on enormous maps.

5. Roblox Phantom Forces:

SOURCE: StyLiS Studios

Roblox Phantom Forces are one of the most popular Roblox FPS games. It has an insanely large number of guns, allowing the players to create an insane number of loadouts. The players can also select a character with a skill set that matches their playstyle.

  • Guns can be chosen from a massive arsenal of over 100 guns.
  • There are 4 classes where the players can choose one according to their playstyle.
  • The players can battle against their friends in over 20 maps.

6. Roblox Zombie Uprising:

SOURCE: USSF – United States Special Forces

Zombie Uprising is all about teaming together with up to four friends to take on the undead. The more zombie waves the players clear, the more difficult the hordes become. If they defeat enough of them, they’ll be pitted against insanely tough bosses who will make the players’ hearts race.

  • The skills of the players can be put to the test against powerful boss enemies.
  • With a large arsenal of real-world weapons, the army of the dead can be taken out.

7. Roblox RB! Island Royale:

SOURCE: @LordJurrd

Roblox RBB! Island Royale is open-map scavenging for weapons gameplay and similar build mechanisms that make it nearly identical to its inspiration.

  • The players can scavenge to get weapons and gear for their friends.
  • They can also use their building skills to build structures to their advantage.

8. Roblox The Wild West:

SOURCE: Starboard Studios

Roblox The Wild West is an action-packed western roleplaying game. The players can create chaos by robbing the bank, taking treasures off the Bronze City train, or murdering helpless passersby to get their hands on their hard-earned loot! As a Sheriff, the players can work for the law and hunt people for their rewards! Or even they can serve the mayor as a law-abiding citizen by mining or taking part in hunting. In the Wild West, everything is possible!

  • The players can decide on their fate on how to live a life there.
  • They can explore various locations, including mountains, deserts, and mines.

9. Roblox Notoriety:

SOURCE: @Brick_man

Notoriety is a game where the players can live like a criminal. The players can rob as much money as they can in this game.

They can also go on various covert operations.

  • The players can team up with their friends and carry on the heist.
  • A large arsenal of weapons and skills can be used.

10. Roblox Arsenal:

SOURCE: ROLVe Community

Roblox Arsenal is the most chill game on the app. Apart from guns, the players can find other weapons like blunt and bladed tools.

  • There are a few lighthearted levels like beaches and spaceships for stress-free gameplay.
  • Several weapons like conventional and unconventional ones can be used.

11. Call Of Roblox:

SOURCE: United States Armed Forces [USA]

Call of Roblox is a campaign-based game that has impressive animations and textures one can ever see in Roblox.

  • The players can customize their loadout to suit their playstyle.
  • They can experience a campaign-based game like the classic COD.

12. Roblox Impulse Sci-fi Shooting Simulator:

SOURCE: AgentJohn2

Impulse is a seriously underrated game that everyone should play because it has some outstanding refinement in both its presentation and animations.

  • The players can compete with their friends in a sci-fi setting with blasters and other weapons.
  • There are some mobility options like double jump to make the gameplay more fun.

13. Roblox Strucid:

SOURCE: Frosted Studio

Roblox Strucid is a first-player shooting game that was developed as a combination of Island Royale and Fortnite.

This shooting game enables the players to fight with their friends and enemies through their fun building mechanics. This game can be played on both pc and mobile.

  • This is a fun game to play as a team with friends.
  • Many modes frequently rotate.
  • Staying alive until the very end of the game is the key to Ace Strucid.

14. Roblox War Simulator:

SOURCE: Calculated Studio

Roblox War Simulator takes the players back in time. With simple weapons, the players first progress through earlier eras until they reach the “Future.” They can employ several tiers of weapons from each era to eliminate waves of AI warriors.

  • This game looks like a real-life historical game.
  • The players can use ancient weapons to fight their enemies.
  • There are some more updates in the eras with more different guns to try.

15. Roblox Energy Assault:

SOURCE: Typical Games

Roblox Energy Assault is also a first-person shooter game. There are six game types, fifteen maps, thirty-six weapons, eight kill mastery skins, seven attachments, two gamepasses, and twenty-six badges in the game.

  • There are a huge number of guns presently available in the game.
  • Maximizing headshots is the easiest way to kill the enemies.
  • Many players pass through each map, making the gameplay more irresistible.

These are the top 15 Roblox FPS games in 2022 that are more exciting and give a real-life-like experience for the players. Gear up the ROBLOX app and experience a near-death gaming experience.