Best Roblox Face ID Codes (May 2024)

Listed below are a few of the Face ID codes:

Code Reward Status Release
416846300Anime Surpriseworking10/05/2023
20418682Bandage Faceworking10/05/2023
209995252Blizzard Beast Modeworking10/05/2023
323191979Eyeroll Blueworking10/05/2023
391496223Blue Sad Eyesworking10/05/2023
22972723Eyes of Everfrostworking10/05/2023
7506136Emotionally Distressed Zombieworking10/05/2023
21802396Glory on the Gridironworking10/05/2023
406001532Drool Angry Zombieworking10/05/2023
10770432Retro Smiley Faceworking10/05/2023
406000421Serious Scar Faceworking10/05/2023
13478124Walk The Plank You Scurvy Dogsworking10/05/2023
66330204Not So Friendly Evisceratorworking10/05/2023
554658475Madbot Face 10000working10/05/2023
23311761Look At My Noseworking10/05/2023
4018627046Classic Femaleworking10/05/2023
4018617474Classic Maleworking10/05/2023
416846143Stink Eyeworking10/05/2023

Roblox is all about customization; the player can customize their Avatar from tons of the available options. Everyone loves the fact that they can customize their character in Roblox. Not just in Roblox, customization in any game gives a chance to the player to make something feel more connected to them by giving it a personal touch, by making it look the way they like it.


The Avatar shop has many categories like accessories, gear, collectibles, emotes, animations, characters, and clothing ranging from T-shirts, shirts, sweaters, pants, jackets, shorts, dresses, skirts, shoes, and so much more. Players also can customize their body parts by choosing from hair, heads, and faces. The face is the Keyword here. Roblox has more than six hundred faces in the Avatar shop, of which fifteen are free. The number of community-created faces is staggering. So want to change your face to suit a particular game? Read On!!

What Are Face ID Codes?

Face IDs or codes are quite different from the standard game codes which are used in a game to obtain game-exclusive items. Face IDs don’t give the player perks in games; instead, like what the name quite clearly suggests, they allow the player to use a face. There’s a face crafted for every occasion, emotion, body type, gender, anime, and sometimes even for games. Using these codes allows the player to alter their face while keeping the other presets of their character intact, and once out of the game, they use the face ID code they retain their original Avatar face.

How to Use the Face ID Codes?

Now that you know what Face ID or codes are and what the Face ID codes do. This section will show how to use them. The Player must keep in mind that the face change using the Face IDs is not permanent.

So here is how you go about changing your face in a game in Roblox. Follow the steps written below:

  • Log in to your Roblox account and find a game that allows the player to pick a custom face.
  • Now once inside the game, enter the character creation or customization menu.
  • The player can either choose from the Face presets already built into the game or pick a code they like from here.
  • Once the code is entered in the face customization option, the player’s face will be set to the one they picked.