Best Paying Jobs In Roblox Welcome To Bloxburg

If you play Bloxburg, you know how essential money is, and you will also know how much of a pain it is to earn it. You will have to get a job and complete your specified tasks to earn your keep. And as you keep grinding, you will even receive a promotion. Promotions will give you a pay raise. A paycheque will be given to you automatically when you leave the work area.

There are twelve different jobs in Bloxburg, each with varying tasks. There’s a misconception that some jobs pay more while some pay less. That is not the case. They all are balanced and pay almost the same. What matters is which job is the easier one to grind. And that is what we’ll try to clarify with this article.

Mood is Everything

Mood plays a crucial role in how much you earn; this holds for every job. So, what is Mood? The mood is essentially the four states of the player- Hunger, Fun, hygiene, and Energy. These four stats depend on the player’s activities and have a status effect based on how full they are. While Fun is the stat that affects payout directly, the higher the fun stat higher the payout at work and vice versa. The other stats affect your payout indirectly. If the Hunger stat is high, then the rate at which all the stats decrease is slower; if it is low, then stats decrease quickly. The Energy stat affects the moment speed of the player. If Hygiene is low, then you will be swatting flies.

Now you should know why Mood is so important while working.

What Is The Best Job?

What is the best job? We are getting to that. A study was done by a YouTuber DaPandaGirl. She compared all the jobs at level 50. And according to that study, we have listed the top five highest-earning jobs below: –

  1. Pizza Delivery

The job where you can earn the most per hour is Pizza Delivery; you can make around $180k. Initially, Pizza Delivery doesn’t pay higher than all the other jobs, and getting levels in Pizza Delivery is considerably harder than the other jobs. The delivery location could be just across a few streets or on the other side of the map; it’s based on your luck.

  1. BFF Cashier and Mechanic

BFF Supermarket cashier and Mike’s Motors Mechanic can make around $110k in an hour. The BFF Cashier job is simple; you have to stand in one place, scan the customer’s items and pack them up. The mechanic job involves repairing or customizing the Customer’s vehicle according to their specification.

  1. Ice cream Seller, Hairdresser, and Lumberjack

You can earn around $100k an hour working as Ben’s Ice cream seller, Stylez Hairdresser, or as the Lumberjack Woodcutter. As an Ice cream seller, the player has to move back and forth, fetching the ice cream the customer orders. The hairdresser is a fairly simple job; the player has to stand in one place and style the customer’s hair according to their preference. As a Lumberjack, the player has to walk around the map chopping trees without needing to carry the wood back or anything.

We have linked the video that compares all the jobs in the game based on the amount of money they earn.

It also depends on you and what sort of job you would like. A lot of people like the stocker job, and some like the lumberjack job as trees spawn quickly and you can walk around pretty much anywhere chopping trees.