Best Funny Roblox Song ID’s Codes (April 2024)

Roblox, a well-known gaming platform, has now developed an amazing extraordinary feature. The gamers can now listen to music or songs of their choice while playing various games. This feature has grabbed the attention and interest of a large number of gamers. Players can input songs in the games only where the developer allows it. There is a list of songs of the various genres that can be played while gaming. This article will provide information about the funny songs that are available in the Roblox world.

The players just need to find codes for the particular songs they want to listen to and use them in the game. Here are all the details and procedures you need to follow for playing funny songs.

What Are Roblox Song ID’s Codes 

Roblox provides a lot of codes that help you gain many free rewards like coins, skins, diamonds, superpowers, and many more. But song ID codes are different. They are used to increase a player’s gaming experience by adding songs in the game’s background. Different songs are assigned to different codes. There is a ten-digit number that you have to apply and add your favorite song to the background while playing.

Listed below are a some of the Best Funny Roblox Song ID Codes:-

  1. Wii Menu Music – 143666548
  2. My Heart Will Go On (Flute cover) – 1568352062
  3. Ain’t Nobody Got Time for Dat (Remix) – 130776739
  4. Windows Boot Up Song – 5371528720
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him – 2624663028
  6. Fireflies by Owl City (Oof Version) – 2576727651
  7. D-D-D-Drop the Bass –
  8. I’m a Kitty Cat and I Dance – 224845627
  9. Among Us Drip – 6486359635
  10. Fitness Gram Pacer Test – 413089817
  11. B**** Lasagna by PewDiePie (Oof version) – 2866646141
  12. Sandstorm by Darude (Loud version) – 166562385
  13. We are Number One from Lazy Town – 610086544
  14. Katy Perry I’m Fine meme – 513919776
  15. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X (Oof Version) – 3180460921
  16. Crab Rave (Oof Version) – 2590490779
  17. Fortnite song (Boosted) – 1937354752
  18. John Cena Entrance Music from WWE – 5945591433
  19. The Magic School Bus Theme – 156989725
  20. FVN by LVL1 (Remix) – 6931586320

How To Use The Song ID’s Codes 

The gamers first need to check if the developer allows the playing of songs in a particular game. Using Funny song IDs can be a bit tricky as there are a few requirements that need to be met. Here are the steps that’ll guide you through the process of applying songs.

Gamers can play the songs by following this method. The first and original one is with the help of a boom box that has become invalid. The players need to buy the boom box from the Roblox avatar shop and use it to play in-game songs. The boombox comes in different rangers. The lowest price of the boombox is $250. If you want some better quality music, a boombox can range up to $1000.

Following the steps below, you can play any funny song in Roblox:-

  • Open Roblox and Log in or Sign up to your account.
  • Click on the boombox you purchased.
  • Select a song ID and type or copy-paste the code in the boombox.

The chosen music will start playing in the background.