44 Best Bloxburg House Ideas

Here we share lists of the Best Bloxburg house ideas in Roblox: Cheap, Modern, luxury and cool houses to get inpired. Metaverse stand out whether you are a big spender or not!

It is not so easy to craft a house from scratch in Bloxburg, and as a player of the game, getting new ideas would take some time as well. However, various options are available if you wish to build a house.

Instead of settling for plain, boring houses. You can choose to build modern, luxury, and even ultra-modern houses. You can also make cheap houses with attractive designs, If that has always been in your plans, then you’re at the right place. This article contains 29 best bloxburg house ideas and videos that would help you with step-by-step instructions to build beautiful houses. This list comes with choices for all bloxburg house enthusiasts.

1. Colonial House 

This house is made without the use of a game pass, and that is a major advantage. The colonial house comes with elegant interior decoration, and you would have a large pool, a luxurious garden, and other hidden places that you can explore as a game player. The structure is very welcoming and decent.

Moving on to the interior, you would be pleasantly surprised by four (4) bedrooms alongside an additional one for the children. There is also a living room, a huge kitchen, a garage, and a laundry room, so there is no lack of space in this area. Classy bathrooms, brick walls, and wonderful wallpapers are other features that can be found in this mansion.

The colonial house is a single-story mansion, and it was created by a Youtuber called Anix. Below is the video that would help you build a stylish colonial house.

To follow through on the instructions accurately, try slowing down the playback speed of the video. The steps are easy, but as a player, you need patience to get to the end.

2. Mini Mansion

This house is also one that a player would like to have. However, you will need money to be able to build a Mini Mansion. Even so, it is still budget-friendly compared to some houses on this list. The price tag for a mini-mansion is 30k.

For this amount, it comes with some major star attractions. You would have an adequate study room, a well-designed wooden dining table with quality chairs, an airy kitchen, two furnished bathrooms, and two nice-looking bedrooms. The house is an ideal one for a small family.

In addition, the Mini mansion was designed by Youtuber Anix as well. And there is a video above that will explain how to build one for yourself.

3. Cheap Modern House

As the name implies, building this house will not take too much of your money. The price tag for the cheap modern house is 10k, and for that, you would get a unique house. The cheap modern house is also a single-story building, and it comes with a garden as well.

It also contains a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and medium-sized outdoor space. This house is easier to build than most of the houses on this list. It was also designed by Youtuber Ethrielle. Above is a video on how it was made. It would help you with the steps to build yours without major stress.

4. Hillside Mansion

This building is one of the high-budget houses. Everything about it screams luxury, even the price tag. The building of the hillside mansion would cost a total of 188k, which is very high for a house. However, this mansion comes with a lot of luxurious furnishings, which has an impact on the price.

There’s a beautiful waterfall, a fireplace, a lakeside cabin, a spacious open area, and a pond, but that’s not all. The interior of the house contains a private dining room, bedrooms on the lower and top floor, a standard kitchen with an additional sitting area, a living room, bathrooms, A study, fancy paintings, and a hot tub area. It is a perfect place for families and friends to hang out.

To make it simple for you to do yours. Youtuber Cylito has created a video with the steps explained. For easy access, the video has been attached to this article. So, go ahead and begin to craft your beautiful Hillside Mansion.

5. Lakeside Blossom Cherry Mansion

This is a very colorful mansion. The paintings used are not in black, white, or gray. And, the walls and the surrounding gardens are either in pink or peach coloring. This building comes with luxurious items, and it contains large rooms that are decorated with marbles. There’s also water surrounding the mansion making the environment a relaxing one. It has a pond with water lilies, flowers, and plants. There’s also a huge waterfall present by the side of the towering mansion. Which is why for this reason, it costs equivalent to 212k to craft the building.

When you go inside the mansion, you will see the full extent of the luxury that this mansion has. The interior contains two bathrooms and three bedrooms, revolving doors, multiple connecting houses, a living room, fireplace, private dining room, kitchen, study, patio, and many more.

Above is a video on how to build your lakeside blossom cherry mansion. The design for this house was put out by Youtuber Eishova, and the link is included in this article. You can follow through step by step to build your own house.

6. Aesthetic Loft

This loft is a self-sufficient building, and it is designed with subtle colors such as black and white. The aesthetic loft comes with a price tag of 50k, and it is minimally furnished with lots of space included in the design. It has a living room, bedroom, dining area, laundry room, and fancy black and white inscriptions on the wall.

Youtuber Cxmilla brought out the loft, and if you feel up to building it, there’s an explanatory video attached to this article to help you out with the building.

 7. Lakeside Modern Hillside Mansion

The lakeside modern hillside mansion is a luxurious building that costs 69k to build. If you want a luxurious house that doesn’t cost too much, then this is for you. The designs were made by Youtuber Arixlla, and the video on how to build the mansion is attached to this article. There’s a swimming pool that surrounds the house, and it also has a living room, a cozy fireplace, and several elegant features.

8. Small Family Home

The small family house is also one to watch out for. Ikotori designed it on YouTube, and it comes with a beautiful garden, a garage, one bathroom, and three bedrooms. The budget to craft this house is 49k, which is worth every cent.

9. 60k Family House

This is a modern family house that costs 60k to build on Bloxburg. It contains a dining room, an open living area, a nice bathroom, and bedrooms for comfort and relaxation. There’s also a backyard pool included on the property.

10. Cozy Tiny House

This is a very budget-friendly house to build. It has all the features that are important for one individual. However, it also costs 26k, so it is a perfect choice if you’re running low on cash. In addition, you don’t need a game pass to make this which is why it is a good house to start with if you are just a beginner trying out new house ideas. Furthermore, the house was designed by Youtuber Ikotori.

11. Luxurious Modern Mansion

This mansion is more on the high-budget side, and you also need a game pass to build it. The price tag of this building is 85k, and it contains a lot of rooms such as the study, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and many more features. In addition, the building has two stories, making it a place for family and friends to visit and even stay over. It was designed by Arixlla.

12. Blush Pink House

For all lovers of the pink color, the blush pink house is an excellent choice, and it has many features that you would appreciate. It has a pink peach theme present in major parts of the house. Consequently, the budget is not that high, and it costs 30k to build and furnish the house and its surroundings.

13. One Story Family Mansion

This mansion is very family oriented. It has features that would make it a comfortable place for a family to reside. The following are available in this house: A movie theater, four bathrooms, a stylish dining room area, three bedrooms, an excellent kitchen, and ponds can be seen around the building. Because of all these, the family mansion is expensive and costs almost 250k to build. Additionally, it also requires lots of effort from the player as there are several parts of the house to make. There’s a video tutorial attached that would make the work easier for you.

14. Simple Townhouse

A comfortable house that a family can use without spending much money to build. It is spacious and contains furnished bedrooms and bathrooms, which is an important feature for a large group of people. However, to build a simple townhouse, you would need 29k and a lot of patience to help carry out the instructions. Luckily, the video tutorial of the house done by Youtuber Jetsica is included with this article.

15. Bloxywood Hill Mansion

This mansion has a bit of a celebrity vibe, and it is also very expensive as well. To build a bloxywood hill mansion, you would need to spend 279k. Furthermore, the house has a gym, bunks and double beds, two living rooms and six bathrooms, and many other features. A lot of trees also surround the mansion. So, if you are a person that likes nature, this might be the house for you.

16. Blush Family Mansion

This building is another fancy one on the list. The mansion has a classy exterior and two swimming pools alongside it. Not only that, the interior décor of this mansion screams elegant as the design features warm colors that give the house a cozy feel. The building includes two living rooms, four bedrooms, two balconies, a baby’s room, an office, a laundry room, bathrooms, a dining area, and so much more. Lastly, the price used to build this mansion is 143k.

17. Tropical Island Resort Mansion

Fans of tropical islands would feel at home with this. The mansion is surrounded by flowing water and leafy palm trees. The entire building has an airy feel and vibrant colors. Moreover, there are glass doors all around with a huge bonfire in the middle of the property. If you’re interested in building one of these, it would cost a total of 158k.

 18. Modern Cozy Loft House

For this house, you would need some game passes as well as 73k to build it. The building has a modern design and a well-structured garden. It also has a minimalist design, and the colors used have a soothing effect on the people who reside there.

19. Cottagecore Starter House

This building is one of the starter houses in Bloxburg. It is majorly for one person and comes with a bedroom, bathroom, and other spaces that can be decorated based on who is making it. In addition, it costs 36.6k to build it.

20. Spanish Modern Villa

This Bloxburg house idea comes with a space for everything. The villa was designed in such a way that it has a living room, four bedrooms, an office, a pool, a lounge area outside for just relaxation purposes, a kitchen, bar, a pool, etc. Many other parts of the house can be occupied by family and other guests. To build this, you would need 330k.

21. Realistic Countryside Family Farmhouse

This farmhouse is a two-story building made mostly for families or a large number of people. It has three bedrooms, a dining area, a kitchen, and other important aspects that make a house livable. However, the price is on the high side. It costs 164k to build.

22. Meditarrean Family Villa

This villa comes with a rustic vibe. It has a very fascinating exterior which includes a chimney. It is also one of the costly house ideas as it costs a total of 500k to make. For the interior, it is comfortable as there are four bedrooms available in this villa.

 23. Soft Family House

This is another family house idea; the best part is that it is cheap to make. To build this house, you would need an amount of 20k. In addition, it contains a stylish driveway and a small pond by the side.

24. Large Farmhouse Mansion

This farmhouse is a big one to build, and it comes with a lot of work as well. What’s more, the large farmhouse mansion has two office rooms, a kitchen, an upstairs and downstairs hangout area, a lot of closets, six (6) bedrooms, dining, laundry, and a storage room. Etc. For all these features, the house costs a total of 261k.

25. Cheap Modern Family Home

You need game passes for this house, but it is a good option to house a family. The building has three bedrooms, a kitchen island, dining area, seating area, living room, and other needed spaces. Lastly, it costs 58k to make.

 26. Lush Spring Botanical Family Mansion

This is an extravagant mansion, and every part of the house has the imprint of luxury. Because of the work and the designs, it cost 222k to build. Furthermore, the house comes equipped with features like a separate loft, five bedrooms. etc

27. Idealistic Suburban Mansion

The design for the Bloxburg house idea was brought by Youtuber Exparxa, and the house comes with a modern feel and design. In addition, it can be used for large gatherings as the building has many bedrooms and general spaces. Finally, if you wish to build, you would need a total of 192k.

28. Blush Modern Mansion

This house idea is for fans of big mansions who are on a budget. The blush modern mansion presents a very attractive package that can be gotten for 91k. With this, you would have two garages, six bedrooms, multiple sitting areas, an office, dining room, and walk-in closets, to mention just a few. As a result, the mansion offers a lot of value for the price.

29. Realistic Traditional Home

Although, this is small and cozy. It has a realistic design that makes it a good option for the family, visitors, and even guests. In addition, it has a budget-friendly price of 60k. So, if you’re interested in this traditional home, watch the video tutorial and start creating your desired bloxburg house.

30. Sage Modern Mansion

This design is a Modern Mansion rendition by cxlixia. The exterior costs $50k to build. This three-story part glass mansion has a sleek and modern aesthetic. A small pool greets the visitors outside. A garage door opens to allow the visitors passage into the ground floor. A spiraling staircase leads into the second floor’s balcony, which is rich with greenery; going inside, we find a beautiful lounge.

31. Mediterranean Modern Villa

This Mediterranean Modern villa was designed by Ciiplex. It costs $330k to build, and a large plot is not required to build it. It is a large two-storied villa with a Spanish design Aesthetic. Entering through the huge double glass doors, we encounter a big lounge and a small open study. Then we have multiple rooms and a staircase leading to the next floor.

32. Natural Contemporary Farmhouse

Natural Contemporary Farmhouse is another build from Ciiplex. This house costs $220k to complete. As the name suggests, it is a neat design of a Farmhouse. We have two garage doors on the ground floor. The main door leads us to a well-designed lobby, before we enter the lobby, we find a beautiful study to the left. Then we have an additional floor above accessible from the stairs on the ground floor.

33. Small Vintage Cabin

Small Vintage Cabin is a design by notNoLiZx. It can be built at a very low cost of $25k. It is a very simple yet elegant build. It is a welcome escape from the big mansions, a quiet retreat. Suppose you want something simple, compact, beautiful, cheap, and quick to build. Then this is just the right thing for you.

34. Modern Cliffside Winter Home

Modern Cliffside Winter Home is a stunning build from rileyeyey. It is a single-story home with a unique design. The cost of building this house varies depending on some of the things used. Without the water and the large plot, it costs $120k. With water but without the large plot, it costs $180k. With the extra mountains, water, and the large plot, it costs around 300k to build.

35. Purebright Containment Facility

JoMama Bloxburg created a purebright Containment Facility. This is a very unique build. The cost is not specified as it is a tour, but it certainly is going to cost a fortune. Purebright Containment Facility is a creepy containment facility complete with watch towers, security buildings, research labs, and an underground facility. It even comes with secret experimentation chambers.

36. Secret Spy Agency

Secret Spy Agency, Madam Milk conceptualized this machination. It costs around $500k to mimic this design. For whatever reason, if you ever loved Spy Agencies and wanted one, now is your chance. The entrance is hidden behind a waterfall, a classic Batman entrance. Then you dive down to the secret underground facility. Elaborately built metal rooms inside a rocky cavern greet you.

37. High School with Dorms

High School and Dorms are a creation by Madam Milk. It costs around $750k to complete the whole build; the price may increase based on additional interior design. If you ever wanted to roleplay with a lot of your friends in a Highschool. Then this is just for you; with this build, you can roleplay in your Highschool, and it has enough room for everyone on the whole server.

38. The Palace of Versailles

Daniel Perkins built the Palace of Versailles (I’m talking about the one in Bloxburg, not the one in France). So, this mega build costs you only $11.6 million, very cheap, right? Ignoring the costs, let us focus on the Palace; it is just not any other old palace. The Palace of Versailles is an accurate rendition of it before the 1780s renovation. Oh, and it is built on five plots.

39. Industrial A-Frame House

Industrial A-Frame House is yet another design by Ciiplex. It costs $50k to build without the pool; if you want to include the pool, the price goes up to $70k. It is a sleek modern house with a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a master bedroom with a study. And, of course, a pool outside to chill in.

40. Hogwarts Castle

Hogwarts Castle is another gem by our talent builder Daniel Perkins. This build will cost you $2,025,277; for this considerable amount, you obtain a very detailed replica of the Hogwarts Castle. Why wait for a letter from Hogwarts when you can build the entirety of Hogwarts by yourself? This place will be so much fun for a Harry Potter-themed roleplay.

41. Giant Modern Tree House

Giant Modern Tree House is a beautiful design made by JustineEarly. It costs around $200k to build it. A tree house is something common everyone would have dreamed of. With $200k and this build, you can turn your dream into reality. The Tree House has a Gym, Baby rooms, Theatre, and even a Garage, other than the usual Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

42. Haunted Orphanage

Haunted Orphanage is the evil design of Awkward Studios. It costs $250k to set up this place. It is a three-storied house with perfectly lit lights and well-placed props; this makes the perfect haunted house. A spooky orphanage is well suited to give your friends a scare or two, or you roleplay with them as trapped teenagers?

43. Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave is a Bloxburg built by BramP. It costs around $500k to build it. Crystal Cave is an elaborate cave system with so much hidden inside, waterfalls and pools, to name a few. The lighting is stunning; this is the place to escape if you are tired of all the concrete and glass buildings. There’s a juice counter and a small play area too.

44. Water Park

Robuilds designed this Water Park. It costs over $2 million to build this park. Designed precisely like an actual water park, it has all the buildings and facilities you would expect to find in a real Water Park. From the check-in counters to restaurants. Then we have the twisting water slides and all the other attractions.