Best 5 Star Units in Roblox All-Star Tower Defense

Roblox All-Star Tower Defense is an anime-themed game with various Anime characters. It is very popular among gamers as the players can choose their character among a large variety of anime characters. Those chosen characters fight in the game and earn gems. There are more than 50 different five-star characters in the game, which makes it very fascinating for the players. Some of the most powerful units are Dr. Heart, Onwin, and Bellma.

In the game of All-Star Tower, the gamers can acquire and get characters through gems and gold summons. The players first need to collect a good amount of credits, golds, and gems. With the collection of beneficiaries, they can get the unit of characters. There is a large list of units to choose from according to the gamers’ needs and wants. If the players fail to acquire the character with the help of banners, then they can go for trading units with the existing other players in the game.

There are a series of different modes. Each different model has slightly different working or gaming. They have different kinds of characters with a variety of qualities and magical power to fight enemies. These characters have ranges of quality power that helps the gamer make a good fight with the opponent. With each increasing level, the gamers can upgrade the characters for better power production.

Following is the list of Best 5 star units of character that come in various modes:-

Damaged Characters 

  • Buddha Chairman(Netero) – This unit has a God Heart ORB with a high damage scale.

SOURCE: Threast

  • Ice Marine(Admiral Aokiji) – with every upgrade, this unit’s damage number increases massively.

SOURCE: AceAceTuber

  • Rodroki(Enraged) – this character has both freeze and burn attacks that give marvelous fighting.


  • Bird Magician(Avdol) – this character deals with burn damage.


  • Janji(Wedding)- This character acts best when it comes to inflicting burn damage.

SOURCE: Crimson Phoenix

  • Dimensional Alien(Hit)- It is a direct hit character with Decent damage numbers.

SOURCE: Crimson Phoenix

  • JJ – Siwa(Jolyne Cujoh)- It has the ability to stun air units with String Stuns.


Air or Hill Characters 

  • Zorro(Draccule Mihawk) – this character has Hawk ORB with damage scale and one of the best skills.


  • Heart(Trafalgar D.Law) – this unit character can do high-level damage; along with that characteristic, it can fight enemies with teleporting power.


  • Jenos(Overdrive) – compared to other characters, this unit character has better SPA and fighting skills.


  • Koku Black Pink(Goku Black SSR) – this powerful character has Rose OBG.


  • Legendary Borul(Broly LSSJ) – this unit character has green OBG with a damage scale.


Support Character 

  • Wish(Whis) – this extremely interesting character provides a large amount of cash, and the base HP is increased.
  • Bellma(Super MoneyCorp) – this character gives cash with the generation of each wave.
  • Onwin(Erwin) – this unit increases the damage scale of the nearby ally troops.

The Patriot(Funny Valentine) – this powerful character has Bus Armour Ability. With this power, they can stop their enemies.