All Clans in Roblox Slayers Unleashed

All Clans Roblox Slayers Unleashed is an anime/ manga mega-hit anime called The Demon slayer. Demon slayer has already gained a worldwide fan following and popularity. If you happen to look to become the most powerful gaming character in Roblox of all clans, you’ll need great breathing techniques. There are multiple clans you can choose and become from. You’ll find rare and not so rare along the way. DaZen studios make this game. You also get unique abilities after customizing your character. You can also unlock codes for free benefits.

Salyers Unleashed Clan Lists With Their Rarity

One can find all the current and available clan lists in the list below. It has everything right from the common to the rarest!.

  • Kibutsuji Clan (1% Chance): The 2x XP helps increase the health regeneration by about 30%, and it also helps increase the Muzan BDA damage by about 20%
  • Himejima Clan (1% Chance): The 2x EXP helps boost the stone breathing damage by about 15% and also helps with health regeneration about by 25%
  • Kanroji Clan (?? Chance): helps aid chances when utilizing love moves.
  • Tomioka Clan (60% Chance): The 1.2X way of damage whenever using water moves
  • Urokodaki Clan (40% Chance): you can get a free tengu mask from their inventory. ( Soon to come)
  • Agatsuma Clan (20% Chance): The 1.3X damage while using thunder moves.
  • Kocho Clan (15% Chance): The 1.6X damage while using the insect moves, but can also do half the damage when using normal combat style and sword welding.
  • Hashibira Clan (10% Chance): The 1.3x damage when using the beast moves and an extra 5% on the stamina.
  • Uzui Clan (6% Chance): adds up damage to sound breathing.
  • Iguro Clan (5% Chance): 25% chance of increasing venom and damage over time.
  • Rengoku Clan (5% Chance): The 1.3x damage when using the flame moves and 10% on health.
  • Tsuyuri Clan (5% Chance): The buff damage aids flower breathing.
  • Shinazugawa Clan (2% Chance): 1.3x damage when using wind and 10% damage when using sword combat.
  • Tokito Clan (2%): The 1.3x damage can be used for mist, super extra stamina, altered running speed, and a 50% chance of availing the moon breathing.
  • Kamado Clan (1% Chance): The 2x EXP and 10% damage can be used for sun breathing.
  • Tsugikuni (1% Chance): 2x EXP and 10% damage, and an 85% chance of getting moon breathing.

How Can One Reroll Clans In Slayers Unleashed? 

The players can do so by using a reroll code or paying by spending 75 Robux. You have all the chances to become the strongest skilled fighter in Roblox slayers Unleashed by carefully picking out the most suitable clan and with the suitable breathing techniques. You can become the ideal form of character by donning these Avatars. So get ready for a fast, adventure-filled gaming fantasy that has the best of the anime world to live and play through!