Adopt Me Pet Ages & Levels List – Neon Levels!

Roblox Adopt Me Pet has various pets that are adopted, trained, and grown by the players. The gamers complete a series of different tasks and grow or increase their pets’ level. These pets go through an age list and attain transformation. The article will provide you with all the details about the ages and the rebirth stages.

Pet Ages List 

All the pets of whatever variety you choose will undergo various Levels or Ages. Their power and capabilities will increase through this age, and they will grow in size and shape. Pets of all rarity undergo all ages.

Here is the list of ages : 

  • Newborn
  • Junior
  • Pre teen
  • Teen
  • Post teen
  • Fully grown

The pets start growing gradually; after the newborn stage, it goes to junior with a minor developed characteristic. Then later years give it more power until it’s fully grown. After your pet has grown completely, you can combine four fully grown pets and make it one. This is also a process of giving the pets a rebirth. That created combined pet is said to be a Neon Pet.

Neon Pet undergoes a different Age list, with much more powerful and extreme changes.

Here is the list of their ages : 

  • Reborn
  • Twinkle
  • Sparkle
  • Flare
  • Sunshine
  • Luminous
  • Mega Neon ( fully grown )

These stages of Neon Pets are closely similar or related to the Age list of normal pets. These ages are a bit improved and make the Pet extraordinary.

Leveling up your Pet 

There are a large variety of rare pets in Adopt Me. During the leveling up or ageing in the game, the pets need to complete tasks. Completion of tasks is very necessary to move forward in the game. Each per according to its rarity, has to perform a certain amount of tasks to be able to get into the preceding level.

Here is the list of the total number of the tasks the gamers need to play to make their pet gradually grow through each age :

Common Pets

SOURCE: Elvebredd

  • Newborn -complete 3 tasks.
  • Junior – complete 6 tasks.
  • Pre-Teen – completion of 11 tasks.
  • Teen- complete 16 Tasks.
  • Post-Teen – minimum of 20 Tasks.
  • Full Grown – complete 56 Tasks.
  • Neon – complete 224 Tasks.
  • Mega-Neon – 826 Tasks is the minimum count.

Uncommon Pet

SOURCE: Elvebredd

  • Newborn – minimum 5 Tasks.
  • Junior – 9 Tasks is the least.
  • Pre-Teen – 13 Tasks are a must.
  • Teen – at least 18 Tasks.
  • Post-Teen – minimum 25 Tasks
  • Full Grown – 70 Tasks at minimum.
  • Neon – 280 Tasks are required.
  • Mega-Neon – 1120 Tasks are needed.

Rare Pet

SOURCE: Elvebredd

  • Newborn – 10 Tasks at minimum.
  • Junior – 20 Tasks are required.
  • Pre-Teen – 30 Tasks as needed.
  • Teen – completion of 40 Tasks
  • Post-Teen – 50 Tasks are a must.
  • Full Grown – 150 Tasks are required.
  • Neon – 600 Tasks is the least.
  • Mega-Neon – 2400 is needed.

Ultra-Rare Pet

SOURCE: Elvebredd

  • Newborn – at least 12 Tasks.
  • Junior – minimum 25 Tasks.
  • Pre-Teen – 36 Tasks are a must.
  • Teen – 47 Tasks are needed
  • Post-Teen – minimum count of 58 Tasks.
  • Full Grown – 78 Tasks is the least.
  • Neon – 712 Tasks are required.

Mega-Neon – 2848 Tasks at least.