World Zero Value List

Are The Values Accurate?

In the expansive realm of World Zero, precise valuations are the bedrock of successful trades and acquisitions. However, ensuring the accuracy of values necessitates a thorough understanding of various factors, including rarity, demand, and the evolving meta within the game. While value lists and community insights provide invaluable guidance, players must engage in meticulous research, cross-reference multiple sources, and remain vigilant to fluctuations in the trading landscape to ensure the authenticity of valuations in World Zero.

Comprehensive World Zero Value List

Item Name Community Value
Rose 60,000,000
Festive Lion 55,000,000
Festive Cerberus 55,000,000
Zero Longsword 50,000,000
Reindeer 50,000,000
Comet 50,000,000
Zero Armor 40,000,000
Sleeping Cloud 40,000,000
Love Cloud 40,000,000
Rolling Egg 35,000,000
Surfboard 30,000,000
T-Pose 30,000,000
Candy Hearts 30,000,000
Ice Breaker 30,000,000
Rainbow Rhea 25,000,000
Fabergé Egg 25,000,000
Wicked Broomstick 25,000,000
Wicked Broomstick (Mount) 25,000,000
UFO 25,000,000
Bucket 20,000,000
Turkey Rhea 20,000,000
Unicorn 20,000,000
Pet Spooky Cat 20,000,000
Gamer Star 15,000,000
Energy Board (Black) 15,000,000
Energy Board (White) 15,000,000
Pet Foxdeer 750,000,000
Heartbreak Aura 200,000,000
Dress of Spades 150,000,000
Striped Suit 150,000,000
Teddy Bear 100,000,000
Brown Penguin 100,000,000
Glitched Aura 100,000,000
Blue Penguin 100,000,000
Anti Sleigh 100,000,000
Purple Penguin 100,000,000
Orange Penguin 100,000,000
Black Penguin 100,000,000
Green Penguin 100,000,000
Winter Lion 75,000,000
Candy Cane Longsword (Black) 70,000,000
Energy Board (Orange) 112,000,000
Raptor (Orange) 112,000,000
Raptor (Green) 12,000,000
Energy Board (Red) 112,000,000
Sleigh 112,000,000
Golden Shamrock 12,000,000
Energy Board (Green) 112,000,000
Energy Board (Yellow) 112,000,000
Energy Board (Purple) 12,000,000
Raptor (Purple) 112,000,000
Floatie 110,000,000
Star Energy Board (Yellow) 110,000,000
Tulip Rhea 19,000,000
Easter Bunny 19,000,000
Cerberus 9,000,000
Horse (Tan) 19,000,000
Aether Cerberus 9,000,000
Ice Cerberus 9,000,000
Horse (Grey) 19,000,000
Horse (Brown) 19,000,000

What Is The Most Valuable Item?

Determining the most coveted item in World Zero requires a deep dive into the game’s vast offerings and the preferences of its player base. Legendary weapons, powerful armor sets, or rare cosmetic accessories may command a premium in the trading market due to their scarcity and effectiveness in battle. However, identifying the ultimate treasure demands astute observation and a thorough understanding of prevailing market trends and player preferences within the dynamic universe of World Zero.

How To Win Trades In World Zero?

Emerging triumphant in trades within World Zero demands strategic acumen, adept negotiation skills, and a comprehensive grasp of item values. Players can enhance their trading prowess by:

  1. Thorough Research: Undertake comprehensive research on the value of weapons, armor, and cosmetic accessories using value lists, community forums, and in-game data analysis.
  2. Clear Communication: Articulate trade objectives and preferences transparently to potential trading partners, fostering mutually beneficial exchanges.
  3. Flexibility: Remain adaptable during negotiations and explore alternative trade propositions to reach agreements that satisfy both parties.
  4. Patient Deliberation: Exercise patience and avoid impulsive decisions, allowing sufficient time for negotiations and careful consideration of trade offers.
  5. Risk Management: Assess the risks associated with each trade and implement strategies to mitigate potential losses, such as diversifying trading portfolios and avoiding high-risk transactions.

By implementing these strategies and refining their trading acumen, players can navigate the diverse trading landscape of World Zero with confidence, forging prosperous alliances and acquiring coveted assets within the ever-expanding universe of the game.