Royale High Values

Are The Values Accurate?

In the enchanting world of Royale High, accurate valuations serve as the cornerstone of successful trades and acquisitions. However, ensuring the accuracy of values demands a nuanced understanding of various factors, including rarity, demand, and evolving fashion trends within the game. While value lists and community insights provide valuable guidance, players must engage in meticulous research, cross-reference multiple sources, and stay attuned to shifts in the trading landscape to ensure the authenticity of valuations in Royale High.

Dear Sky Butterfly Wings 6,000
December’s Dream Bodice Accessory 18,000
December’s Dream Coat Jacket Accessory 35,000
December’s Dream Cossack Hat Accessory 6,500
December’s Dream Dancer Skirt Skirt 45,000
December’s Dream Earrings Accessory 6,500
December’s Dream Fur Muff Accessory 12,500
December’s Dream Shoes Shoes 45,000
December’s Dream Sleeves & Gloves Accessory 30,000
Delicate Blue Rose Wings 1,250
Delicate Crimson Wings 3,500
Dew Drop Mist Wings 2,500
Divine Diamonds Heart Earrings Accessory 12,000
Divine Diamonds Heart Ring & Bracelet Accessory 5,000
Divine Messenger Wings 6,750
Don’t Pick Me Please Accessory 1,800
DotD Ancestor’s Celebration Skull Accessory 10,000
DotD Aromatic Chest Flowers Accessory 6,500
DotD Aromatic Flower Crown Accessory 6,500
DotD Aromatic Head Flowers Accessory 6,500
Dragging Train Rose Dress Skirt 20,000
Dragon Dream Wings 4,000
Dragon Staff Accessory 0
Dragon Teeth Wings 3,000
Dragon’s Blaze Wings 8,000
Dragon’s Demise Wings 12,000
Dragon’s Moonlight Wings 20,000
Droopy Elf Ears Accessory 0
Dungeon Keeper Wings 12,750
Easter Basket Accessory 0
Easter Egg Boppers Accessory 0
Easter Egg Top Hat Accessory 0
Easter Halo 2019 Accessory 0
Elegance Butterfly Veil Accessory 10,000
Elegance Rose Boutineer Accessory 10,000
Elegance Rose Corsage Accessory 10,000
Elf Ears Accessory 0
Elf Helper Hat Accessory 0
Enchanting Christmas Wings 8,000
Enchanting Heirloom Bouffie Sleeves Accessory 6,500
Enchanting Heirloom Cage Skirt Skirt 23,000
Enchanting Heirloom Froufrous Corset Accessory 20,000
Exquisite Easter Tie Accessory 0
Exquisite Emerald Earrings Accessory 0
Exquisite Emerald Necklace Accessory 0
Exquisite Emerald Ring Accessory 0
Extreme Terror of the Deep Wings 12,000
Fabulous Fur Boa Accessory 35,000
Fall Fairy Wings 5,500
Fallen Dove’s Lace Wings Wings 13,000
Fallen Love Fairy Wings 8,500
Fallen Seraphim Wings 4,000
Falling into Fate Wings 8,000
Falling Spring Blossoms Accessory 0
Fancy Monocle Eyepiece Accessory 0
Fashioned Gold Wings 3,500
Father Christmas’ Present Bag Accessory 0
Feather Bowler Hat Accessory 0
Feather Fabulous Mask Accessory 0
Festive Hair Bow Accessory 0
Figure Skater Wings 7,000
Firebird Wings 9,000
Flame of Love Wings 12,000
Flame of the Dragon Wings 20,000
Flaming Sparkles Wings 5,000
Floppy Ears Accessory 0
Floral Feathers Wings 12,000
Flower Vines Arm Beauty Accessory 0
Flowers from the Garden Shoes 2,500
Fluffy Bunny Tail with Bow Accessory 0
Fluttering Butterfly Bodice Accessory 18,000
Fluttering Butterfly Heels Shoes 38,000
Fluttering Butterfly Skirt Skirt 15,000
Fluttering Butterfly Sleeves Accessory 0
Fluttery Frozen Fan Accessory 35,000
Fly Through a Rainbow Wings 6,750
Force of Evil Wings 5,000
Forest Dragon Wings 8,500
Forest of Roses Wings 6,000
Four Leaf Clover Ears Accessory 5,750
Frankenfairy Wings 6,750
Frost Dragon Wings 8,500
Frost Keeper Wings 13,000
Frosty Feathers Wings 8,500
Frozen Angel Wings 15,000
Frozen Heart Wings 3,000
Frozen Luggage Accessory 0
Frozen Royalty Crown Accessory 0
Fur Collar Accessory 0
Fuzzy Bracelets Accessory 0
Fuzzy Bunny Ears Accessory 0
Fuzzy Earmuffs Accessory 0
Fuzzy Warm Frost Hat Accessory 0
Galaxy Magic Wings 6,500
Ghostie Transformation Accessory 0
Ghostly Wings 1,000
Giant Teddy Bear Accessory 8,000
Glimmering Light Halo Accessory 0
Glittering Jelly Platforms Shoes 14,000
Glittering Noel Bows Accessory 0
Glitzy n’ Icey Wings 1,250
Glorious Cape Accessory 12,000
Glow Butterfly Wings 3,500
Glowing Fairy of Luck Wings 5,500
Glowing Pumpkin Wand Accessory 0
Gobble Gobble Wings Wings 5,500
Goddess Aphrodite Wings 18,000
Gold Dreams Wings 12,750
Gold Keeper Wings 20,000
Golden Eye Wings 3,500
Golden Guardian of Rainbows Wings 10,000
Gone With Wind Bow Headband Accessory 0
Good Tidings Shawl Cape Accessory 0
Gooey S’mores Wings 10,000
Goth Lolita Purse Accessory 0
Goth Lolita Skirt Skirt 0
Goth Lolita Sleeves Accessory 0
Goth Lolita Wrist Cuffs Accessory 0
Gothicutie Bodice/Jacket Accessory 25,000
Gothicutie Boots Shoes 55,000
Gothicutie Earrings Accessory 5,000
Gothicutie Skirt Skirt 12,000
Gourmet Chef Wings Wings 4,250
Grand Duke Epaulette & Sash Accessory 25,000
Graveyard Lurker Collar Accessory 0
Guardian of the Light Wings 12,000
Halloween Halo 2018 Accessory 0
Halloween Halo 2019 Accessory 0
Halloween Halo 2020 Accessory 0
Halloween Halo 2021 Accessory 0
Harvest Fairy Wings 6,500
Haunted Wings 6,500
HEAD Antler Lights Wings 6,000
Head over Heels Shoes 8,000
Heart Chocolate Donuts Wings 4,500
Heart Container Wings 10,000
Heaven’s Etoile Wings 7,500
Heavenly Harp Accessory 6,500
Heavenly Love Wings 11,000
High School Lacey Boots & Socks Shoes 18,000
Hip Bag of Coins Accessory 3,750
Hood Disguise Accessory 7,500
Huggly Snuggly Booties Shoes 0
I Wish for a Unicorn Wings 8,500
Ice Empress Wings 25,000
Ice Guardian Wings 12,000
Ice Phoenix Wings 6,500
Ice Prince Shawl Cape Accessory 0
Ice Prince’s Secret Wings 4,000
Ice’s UFO Accessory 0
Iced Gingerbread Earrings Accessory 0
Icey Snowflake Earrings Accessory 0
Icy Jewels Wings 6,500
Infernal Bat Wings 1,500
Inferno’s Wrath Wings 6,500
Interstellar Mist Wings 6,750
Irish Forest Fairy Wings 3,500
Ivy Pumpkins Wings 800
Jack-o-Lantern Wings 6,000
Jack-o-Lantern Boppers Accessory 0
Jellyfish Princess Wings 7,000
Jeweled Choker Necklace Accessory 300
Jupiter Electric Guardian Wings 6,000
Kawaii Demon Horns Accessory 0
Kawaii Reaper Accessory 0
Kawaii Sickness! Accessory 3,500
Kawaii Spookyeye Wings 750
Keeper of the Light Wings 750
Kingly Kicks Shoes 8,000
Kitchen Accident Accessory 0
Kitty Buns Accessory 0
Kitty Crossbody Accessory 0
Lace Snowflake Stole Scarf Accessory 0
Lacey Apron Wings Wings 6,000
Large Antler Lights Wings 10,000
LARGE Cotton Candy Unicorn Wings 14,000
Large Enchanting Christmas Wings 12,500
Large Love Wings Wings 5,000
Large Mecha Pack Wings 6,250
LARGE Pink Unicorn Wings 13,000
LARGE Rainbow Unicorn Wings 14,000
Large Train Bow Skirt Skirt 33,000
Leah’s Bubblegum Bubble Accessory 2,500
LeahAshe’s Bear Ears Accessory 0
Legend of the Harp Fairy Wings 3,500
Lemon Cake Delight Wings 2,000
Leprechaun Belt Accessory 2,750
Light-Up Antlers Accessory 0
Light-Up Ornament Necklace Accessory 0
Lilypad Lake Wings 3,000
Lionfish Legacy Wings 7,500
Lizzy’s Crown of Roses Accessory 0
Lizzy’s Seashells Wings 4,500
Lollipop Candy Accessory 250
Long Elegant Gloves Accessory 8,000
Looks Can Kill Wings 6,000
Love Bat Charms Wings 4,000
Love Beyond the Grave Wings 3,500
Love Dragon Wings 8,500
Love Fairy Wings 5,500
Love Me Forever Handbag Accessory 8,000
Lovely Sakuras Wings 7,500
Lucky Bow Pin Accessory 500
Lucky Bowtie Accessory 7,000
Lucky Halo 2019 Accessory 0
Lucky Halo 2020 Accessory 0
Lucky Headband Accessory 3,500
Lucky Top Hat Accessory 5,500
Lunar Moth Wings 4,500
Macaroon Cookies Wings 4,500
Magical Broomstick Accessory 0
Magical Enchantress Skirt 25,000
Magical Fairy Lights Accessory 0
Magical Field of Clovers Wings 4,000
Magical Guardian of Love and Justice Skirt 28,000
Magical Hair Ribbon Accessory 7,000
Magical Winter Snowglobe Accessory 0
Magical Witch Accessory 0
Maracas Accessory 1,750
Mardi Gras 2020 Balloon Accessory 0
Marilyn Monroe Shoes 3,500
Mars Fire Guardian Wings 6,000
Mask Hoop Earrings Accessory 0
Masquerade Hero Wings 6,000
Medium Hot Cocoa Wings 4,500
Mend My Heart Stitched Teddy Accessory 13,000
Mercury Water Guardian Wings 6,000
Mermaid Glam Earrings Accessory 10,000
Mermaid Halo 2019 Accessory 0
Mermaid Royalty Accessory 50,000
Mermaid Shelbi Wings 6,000
Mermaid’s Dreams Wings 4,500
Merry Sparkly Dress Accessory 0
Metallic Waves Wings 3,500
Midnight Dragon Wings 20,000
Mini Chibi Moon Wings 1,500
Mini Electric Guardian Wings 3,000
Mini Figure Skater Wings 3,000
Mini Fire Guardian Wings 3,000
Mini Gingerbread Wings Wings 2,750
Mini Hot Cocoa Wings 2,000
MINI Lacey Apron Wings Wings 1,250
Mini Love Guardian Wings 3,000
Mini Love Wings Wings 1,000
Mini Masquerade Hero Wings 3,500
Mini Mecha Pack Wings 2,250
Mini Moon Guardian Wings 3,000
MINI Rainbow Candy Wings Wings 1,250
Mini Roses are Red Valentines Wings 3,750
Mini Social Love Butterfly Wings 1,000
Mini Water Guardian Wings 3,000
Miniskirt Skirt 2,000
Miss Lady Rose Skirt 50,000
Miss Lady Rose Bodice Accessory 18,000
Miss Lady Rose Bow Accessory 8,000
Mix Matched Striped Socks Accessory 2,500
Mood Changing Necklace Accessory 0
Moon Serenity Guardian Wings 6,000
Moonlight Goddess Ultimate Floof Skirt 36,000
Moonlight’s Magic Wings 2,250
My Dolly Accessory 0
My Present Box Accessory 0
My Teddy Bear Accessory 6,500
Mystery of the Night Wings 6,500
Mystical Midnight Wings 9,000
Nature’s Essence Wings 1,500
Nautical Fins Wings 7,500
Neon Dragonfly Wings 6,750
Night of the Full Moon Wings 2,500
Nightmare Wings 8,000
Nightmare Witch Hat Accessory 0
Nine-Tails Accessory 0
Nocturnal Kitty Ears Accessory 0
Nomnom Chocolate Bar Accessory 0
Nomnom Frosted Donut Arm Floaties Accessory 3,500
Nomnom Frosted Donut Waist Floatie Accessory 3,500
North Pole Presents Skirt Skirt 0
Opposites Attract Headphones Accessory 6,000
Opposites Attract Steampunk Gloves (Sleeves) Accessory 25,000
Opposites Attract Transformation Boots Shoes 55,000
Opposites Attract Transformation Dress & Bodice Accessory 35,000
Orange Moonlight Wings 3,500
ORIGINAL 2019 Elegant Parasol Accessory 52,000
Otherworldly Potion Accessory 0
Over the Rainbow Sleeves Accessory 6,000
Pageant Diamond Earrings Accessory 8,000
Party Beads Accessory 0
Pastel High Tops Shoes 20,000
Pearls of the Moon Wings 500
Pearly Oyster Wings 5,500
Peppermint Princess Bodice Accessory 24,000
Peppermint Princess Skirt Skirt 35,000
Peppermint Princess Sleeves Accessory 0
Persephone’s Garden Wings 16,000
Personal Snow Flurry Accessory 0
Petite Mermaid Fairy Shoes 3,000
Phoenix Embrace Wings 20,000
Pink Unicorn Wings 6,750
Platinum Skybound Wings 5,000
Playful Kitty Paws Accessory 0
Pleated Skirt Skirt 5,500
Polar Bear Beret Cap Accessory 0
Polar Cutie Bear Hat Accessory 0
Polar Cutie Fur Leg Warmers Accessory 0
Pompom Beanie Accessory 0
Popstar Microphone Accessory 0
Powder Heart Backpack Accessory 18,000
Present Disguise Accessory 0
Pretty Kitty Tail Accessory 0
Princely Dueling Crown Accessory 5,000
Princess Starfrost Cozy Corset Accessory 12,000
Princess Starfrost Crystal Scepter Accessory 15,000
Princess Starfrost Figure Skates Shoes 50,000
Princess Starfrost Magical Skirt Skirt 32,000
Princess Starfrost Ribbon Bonnet Accessory 6,500
Princess Starfrost Shooting Stars Cape Accessory 10,000
Pumpkin Autumn Earrings Accessory 0
Pumpkin Beret Accessory 0
Pumpkin Costume Accessory 0
Pumpkin Spice Scented Candle Wings 500
Pumpkin Spice Sparklucchino Wings 12,000
Queen of the Ocean Skirt 25,000
Ragged Prince Wings 4,000
Rainbow Armlets Accessory 15,000
Rainbow Candy Accessory 0
Rainbow Candy Wings Wings 3,000
Rainbow Diamond Earrings Accessory 2,250
Rainbow Ears Accessory 11,500
Rainbow High Tops Shoes 20,000
Rainbow Pot o Gold Bag Accessory 1,250
Rainbow Shamrock Butterfly Wings Wings 5,000
Rainbow Unicorn Wings 7,500
Rainbow Visor Accessory 13,000
Rainy Graveyard Lurker Wings 6,500
Rare Parrot Wings 12,750
Raven Flutter Wings 3,750
Real Life Mermaid Skirt 5,000
Reindeer Crossbody Accessory 0
Reindeer Ride Accessory 0
Reindeer Set Accessory 0
Ribbon Necklace Accessory 0
Roses are Red Valentines Wings 12,000
Rosie’s Rose Accessory 0
Royal Shield of Protection Accessory 5,000
Royal Stroll in the Garden Skirt 10,000
Royal Sword of Strength Accessory 5,000
Royale Rebel Bustle Skirt Skirt 28,000
Royale Rebel Laced Boots Shoes 30,000
Royale Rebel Laced Gloves & Sleeves Accessory 20,000
Royale Rebel Locket Pendant Corset Accessory 20,000
Royale Rebel Spiked Veil Accessory 15,000
Ruffle Collar Accessory 0
Ruffle Top Hat Accessory 4,500
Ruffle Velvet Bow Mini-Skirt Skirt 5,000
Runaway Damsel Candelabra Accessory 0
Safety Pin Sweetheart Earrings Accessory 0
Sailor Hat with Bow Accessory 7,000
Santa Hat Accessory 0
Santa’s Beard Accessory 0
Scarf Wings Wings 4,500
Sea Star Pearl Bracelet Accessory 7,000
Seahorse Carriage Wings 8,000
Seashell Hair Clips Accessory 3,000
Secret Fairy on Earth Skirt 2,000
Serena Wings 4,000
Serene Petals Wings 13,000
Sewer Rat Accessory 0
Shadow Empress Chained Bodice Accessory 20,000
Shadow Empress Chained Boots Shoes 40,000
Shadow Empress Fallen Angel Sleeves Accessory 20,000
Shadow Empress Jeweled Crown Accessory 15,000
Shadow Empress Jeweled Skirt Skirt 28,000
Shadow Fox Wings 6,500
Shimmering Night Wings 4,000
Shooting Starlight Wings 4,000
Shooting Stars Wings 8,000
Shy Scarf Accessory 0
Skull Crown Accessory 0
Sky High Ballet Butterfly Heels Shoes 25,000
Sky Mission Boots Shoes 15,000
Sleigh It Bodice Accessory 0
Sleigh It Skirt Skirt 0
Sneaky Bandit Accessory 4,500
Snow Owl Wings 12,750
Snow Pops Wings 2,500
Snowfall Fairy Wings 750
Snowman’s Top Hat Accessory 0
Snowy Stalactites Wings 6,750
Snuggly Reindeer Slippers Shoes 0
Social Love Butterfly Wings 5,000
Soft Plush Antlers Accessory 0
Song of the Lovebird Wings 11,000
Soul Keeper Wings 12,000
Soul Scavenger Wings 6,000
Sparkling Body Chain Accessory 0
Sparkling Crow Crown Accessory 0
Sparkling Valentine Wings 5,500
Sparkly Candy Cane Ears Accessory 0
Sparkly Christmas Bells Earrings Accessory 0
Sparkly Heart Hoop Earrings Accessory 1,500
Sparkly Party Tutu Skirt 10,000
Sparkly Sarong Skirt 15,000
Sparkly Snowflake Skater Wings 0
Sparkly Soul-Snatcher Wings 1,800
Special Reindeer’s Nose Accessory 0
Special Someone Chocolate Box Accessory 6,500
Special Wrapped Presents Wings 7,500
Spider Friend Accessory 0
Spider’s Masterpiece Purse Accessory 0
Spinning Web Boppers Accessory 0
Spirit of Crystal Ball Wings 6,500
Spirit of Halloween Wings 1,200
Spring Circlet Accessory 0
Spring Cleaning Duster Accessory 0
Spring Cleaning Headband Accessory 0
Spring Hair Flowers Accessory 0
Spring Halo 2020 Accessory 0
Spring Halo 2021 Accessory 0
Spring Halo 2022 Accessory 0
Spring Horns Accessory 0
Spring Queen Crown Accessory 0
Spring Scramble Earrings Accessory 0
Stained Glass Rose Wings 500
Starlight Wish Wings 7,000
Starry Eyed Felines Wings 2,500
Stocking Bows Accessory 0
Strappy Wonder-Fairy Shoes 4,500
Strawberry Cherry Cupcakes Wings 3,000
Studded Rose Garters Accessory 0
Stylish Mask Accessory 0
Stylish Tree Fashion Wings 6,250
Summer Fantasy Beach Boardwalk Top Accessory 24,000
Summer Fantasy Breezy Beach Skirt Skirt 35,000
Summer Fantasy Goddess Veil Accessory 8,000
Summer Fantasy Mermaid Seashell Purse Accessory 25,000
Summer Fantasy Rings and Sleeves Accessory 22,000
Summer Fantasy Seashell Sandals Shoes 50,000
Sun Goddess Wings 7,500
Sun Shimmer Wings 3,500
Sundew Sparkle Wings 7,500
Sunny Starfish Wings 4,500
Superhero Mask Accessory 4,250
Supernatural Hoop Earrings Accessory 0
Surf Board Accessory 28,000
Sweet Bunny Ears Accessory 0
Sweet Bunny Hair Bows Accessory 0
Sweet Bunny Shoulder Bag Accessory 0
Sweet Cherry Earrings Accessory 0
Sweet Dreams Wings 3,500
Sweet Marshmallow Charms Wings 6,500
Sweet Sugar Skulls Wings 600
Swift Archer Set Accessory 12,000
Symphony of Flora Wings 5,500
Talented Guitarist Accessory 20,000
TechNebula Wings 6,500
Teddy 4 My Valentine Cookies Wings 7,000
TEDDYZILLA Accessory 15,000
Terror of the Deep Wings 6,500
The Ace Wings 750
The Colorful Reef Guardian Wings 7,000
The Deep Sea of Sirens Wings 7,000
The Dragon’s Fire Opal Wings 4,000
The Twisted Wings 8,500
The Unfortunate Wings 1,800
Thigh High Ice Princess Boots Shoes 36,500
Toxicities Within Wings 9,000
Toxicity Wings 2,000
Traditional Back Bow Accessory 5,000
Traditional Hand Fan Accessory 28,000
Translucent Heart Glasses Accessory 3,500
Treasure Hunter Wings 2,000
Treasure Satchel Accessory 16,000
Trip to the Market Hat Accessory 0
Triple Cupcake Decadence Wings 3,000
Tropical Butterfish Wings 3,500
Twas the Night before Christmas Wings 0
Undertaker’s Hands Wings 600
Up in Heaven’s Clouds Wings 2,500
Up in the Clouds Wings 13,000
Valentines Cake Wings Wings 5,500
Valentines Halo 2019 Accessory 0
Valentines Halo 2020 Accessory 0
Vamp Tote Accessory 0
Vampire Crown Accessory 0
Vampire’s Bride Wings 7,000
Vampire’s Graveyard Wings 2,500
Vampire’s Heir Accessory 0
Vaudevillian Ballroom Mask Accessory 0
Velvet Bow Royal Mini-Skirt Skirt 5,000
Venomous Viper Wings 10,000
Venus Love Guardian Wings 6,000
Versailles Snow Powder Bonnet Accessory 0
Versailles Snow Powder Coat Accessory 0
Very Cozy Gloves Accessory 13,000
Very Cozy Hat Accessory 13,000
Warm Cinnamon Roll Wings Wings 2,500
Warm Glittering Cloak Accessory 0
Warm Winter Lantern Accessory 0
Wedges In Wonderland Shoes 2,000
Whiskers Accessory 0
Widow’s PillBox Hat Accessory 0
Widow’s Wiltered Bouquet Accessory 0
Wild Child Wings 3,500
Wild Roses Wings 6,500
Windy Witch Hat Accessory 0
Winged Unicorn Fairy Shoes 10,000
Winter Butterfly Wings 1,000
Winter Crystal Halo 2018 Accessory 0
Winter Fashion Shawl Accessory 0
Winter Guardian Aura Antlers Accessory 8,000
Winter Guardian Enchanted Sleeves Accessory 20,000
Winter Guardian Glacial Boots Shoes 30,000
Winter Guardian Snowstorm Skirt Skirt 35,000
Winter Guardian Thermal Bodice/Tailcoat Accessory 24,000
Winter Halo 2019 Accessory 0
Winter Halo 2020 Accessory 0
Winter Halo 2021 Accessory 0
Winter Wings 2020 Wings 0
Wish of Good Luck Wings 12,000
Wish Upon a Star Earrings Accessory 0
Wisteria Butterfly Wings 4,000
Witch’s Little Pet Staff Accessory 0
Withered Beauty Wings 5,000

Royale High Value List: Common groups total values

Group name: Total Exact Value
Darling Valentina – Entire set 86,500
Day of the Dead 2019 – all accessories 86,500
Dear Dollie – Entire set 120,000
December’s Dream – Entire set 198,000
Enchanting Heirloom – Entire set 49,500
Fluttering Butterfly – Entire set 71,000
Gothicutie – Entire set 97,000
Miss Lady Rose – Entire set 76,000
Opposites Attract – Entire set 134,000
Princess Starfrost – Entire set 125,500
Royale Rebel – Entire set 113,000
Shadow Empress – Entire set 123,000
Spring Cherry Blossom – Entire set 102,500
St. Patrick’s 2019 – all accessories 108,500
Summer 2019 – all accessories 77,000
Summer Fantasy – Entire set 164,000
Valentines 2019 – all accessories (no parasol) 77,500
Valentines 2020 – all non-set accessories (no parasol) 38,000
Valentines 2022 – all non-set accessories (no parasol) 67,300
Valentines – all recurring sold non-set accessories 249,300
Winter / Christmas – all sold non-set items 183,000
Winter Guardian – Entire set 117,000

What Is The Most Valuable Item?

Discerning the most coveted item in Royale High requires an appreciation for the game’s diverse offerings and the preferences of its player community. Rare accessories, elegant attire, or exclusive badges may command a premium in the trading market due to their scarcity and desirability among players. However, identifying the ultimate treasure demands careful observation and a thorough understanding of prevailing market trends and player preferences within the dynamic universe of Royale High.

How To Win Trades In Royale High?

Emerging victorious in trades within Royale High demands strategic finesse, effective negotiation skills, and a deep understanding of item values. Players can enhance their trading prowess by:

  1. Research: Undertake comprehensive research on the value of accessories, clothing, and badges using value lists, community forums, and in-game data analysis.
  2. Communication: Clearly communicate trade objectives and preferences to potential trading partners, fostering transparent and mutually beneficial exchanges.
  3. Flexibility: Remain flexible during negotiations and explore alternative trade propositions to reach agreements that satisfy both parties.
  4. Patience: Exercise patience and avoid impulsive decisions, allowing ample time for negotiations and careful consideration of trade offers.
  5. Risk Management: Assess the risks associated with each trade and implement strategies to mitigate potential losses, such as diversifying trading portfolios and avoiding high-risk transactions.

By implementing these strategies and refining their trading acumen, players can navigate the glamorous trading landscape of Royale High with confidence, forging prosperous alliances and acquiring coveted assets within the enchanting realm of the game.