WFL Adopt Me

In the bustling world of Adopt Me on Roblox, players engage in a vibrant economy centered around trading pets, items, and currency. One common term you’ll encounter in the trading community is “WFL,” which stands for “Win/Fair/Lose.” In this guide, we’ll delve into what WFL means in Adopt Me and how it influences trading decisions.

Adopt Me Pets Values:

PetNameRarityValueNeon ValueMega Neon ValueFrom
Shadow DragonLegendary8,50334,012136,048Robux
Bat DragonLegendary6,93527,740110,960Candy Trading Shop
GiraffeLegendary4,94019,76079,040Safari Egg
Frost DragonLegendary2,99311,97247,888Robux
OwlLegendary2,1858,74034,960Farm Egg
ParrotLegendary1,9007,60030,400Jungle Egg
Evil UnicornLegendary1,4975,98823,952Candy Trading Shop
CrowLegendary1,4255,70022,800Farm Egg
HedgehogUltra Rare8553,42013,680Gingerbread
Monkey KingLegendary6772,70810,832Combining
Arctic ReindeerLegendary6422,56810,272Christmas Egg
DalmatianUltra Rare4181,6726,688Robux
Albino MonkeyLegendary3571,4285,712Premium Monkey Box
FlamingoUltra Rare3331,3325,328Safari Egg
LionUltra Rare3191,2765,104Safari Egg
DragonflyLegendary2801,1204,480Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
TurtleLegendary2621,0484,192Aussie Egg
Blue DogUncommon2511,0044,016Blue Egg
ElephantRare2108403,360Safari Egg
CrocodileUltra Rare1947763,104Jungle Egg
Diamond AlbatrossLegendary1937723,088Golden Clam
Giant Gold ScarabLegendary1927683,072Mud Ball
HyenaRare1907603,040Safari Egg
KangarooLegendary1907603,040Aussie Egg
Lava DragonLegendary1907603,040Halloween Event 2022
CowRare1867442,976Farm Egg
Lava WolfLegendary1857402,960Halloween Event 2022
Strawberry Shortcake Bat DragonLegendary1857402,960Winter Event 2022
MeerkatUncommon1827282,912Safari Egg
Frost FuryLegendary1817242,896Robux
Diamond UnicornLegendary1746962,784Diamond Egg
PuffinUltra Rare1706802,720Winter Holiday Event 2021
Zombie BuffaloUltra Rare1536122,448Candy Trading Shop
Pink CatUncommon1516042,416Pink Egg
Queen BeeLegendary1516042,416Honey
Ninja MonkeyLegendary1485922,368Combining
Wild BoarUncommon1475882,352Safari Egg
Skele-RexLegendary1435722,288Candy Trading Shop
Diamond DragonLegendary1335322,128Diamond Egg
Ancient DragonLegendary1305202,080Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
Light Brown Shetland PonyLegendary1305202,080Winter Event 2022
Diamond LadybugLegendary1295162,064Diamond Lavender
Ice Moth DragonLegendary1255002,000Winter Event 2022
ChimeraLegendary1204801,920Halloween Event 2022
Black PantherUncommon1184721,888Jungle Egg
AlicornLegendary1104401,760Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
Diamond GriffinLegendary1054201,680Diamond Egg
PlatypusUltra Rare1034121,648Jungle Egg
CapybaraUncommon953801,520Jungle Egg
RhinoRare923681,472Jungle Egg
TurkeyUltra Rare903601,440Farm Egg
LlamaUltra Rare863441,376Farm Egg
DrakeUncommon853401,360Farm Egg
GoatUltra Rare853401,360Robux
Silly DuckUncommon853401,360Farm Egg
Brown BearRare763041,216Jungle Egg
Golden RatLegendary732921,168Rat Box
DodoLegendary722881,152Fossil Egg
PhoenixLegendary722881,152Mythic Egg
PigRare722881,152Farm Egg
Golden PenguinLegendary712841,136Golden Goldfish
SharkLegendary712841,136Ocean Egg
T-RexLegendary712841,136Fossil Egg
Arctic FoxUltra Rare692761,104Christmas Egg
Golden UnicornLegendary692761,104Golden Egg
GoldhornLegendary692761,104Mythic Egg
OctopusLegendary692761,104Ocean Egg
WolfUncommon692761,104Christmas Egg
Golden DragonLegendary682721,088Golden Egg
Golden LadybugLegendary682721,088Diamond Lavender
King BeeLegendary682721,088Honey
Snow OwlLegendary672681,072Gingerbread
SwanRare642561,024Christmas Egg
Polar BearRare62248992Christmas Egg
Toy MonkeyUltra Rare62248992Combining
BakuLegendary60240960Japan Egg
Maneki-NekoLegendary60240960Japan Egg
RamUltra Rare60240960Winter Event 2022
Business MonkeyUltra Rare59236944Combining
Guardian LionLegendary55220880Robux
Snowball PetUltra Rare55220880Winter Event 2022
Zombie WolfUltra Rare55220880Halloween Event 2022
Golden GriffinLegendary54216864Golden Egg
LambUltra Rare54216864Robux
ReindeerRare542168642019 Advent Calendar
UnicornLegendary50200800Retired Egg
White Shetland PonyUltra Rare50200800Winter Event 2022
Zodiac Minion ChickLegendary50200800Zodiac Minion Egg
2021 Uplift ButterflyUncommon48192768Bucks
Ghost BunnyUltra Rare46184736Candy Trading Shop
YetiUltra Rare44176704Gingerbread
ChickenCommon43172688Farm Egg
RatRare42168672Rat Box
Albino BatUltra Rare41164656Candy Trading Shop
Robo DogLegendary41164656Robux
Evil BasiliskUltra Rare40160640Halloween Event 2022
Evil ChickatriceUltra Rare40160640Halloween Event 2022
FrogUltra Rare40160640Aussie Egg
KoalaUltra Rare40160640Aussie Egg
Australian KelpieRare36144576Aussie Egg
ClownfishUltra Rare36144576Ocean Egg
DragonLegendary36144576Retired Egg
EmuRare36144576Aussie Egg
HydraUltra Rare34136544Mythic Egg
Musk OxRare34136544Gingerbread
WyvernUltra Rare34136544Mythic Egg
Space WhaleUltra Rare33132528Outside Nursery
ChickatriceUncommon32128512Halloween Event 2022
Red SquirrelUltra Rare32128512Robux
DeinonychusUltra Rare31124496Fossil Egg
SabertoothUltra Rare31124496Fossil Egg
BasiliskRare30120480Halloween Event 2022
DilophosaurusRare30120480Fossil Egg
Ghost WolfRare30120480Halloween Event 2022
PterodactylRare30120480Fossil Egg
Steppe LionRare30120480Winter Event 2022
Woolly MammothRare30120480Fossil Egg
StarfishUltra Rare29116464Star Rewards
LadybugUltra Rare28112448Diamond Lavender
Red Crowned CraneUltra Rare28112448Japan Egg
Spider CrabUltra Rare27108432Japan Egg
Metal OxLegendary26104416Ox Box
NarwhalRare26104416Ocean Egg
Trapdoor SnailUltra Rare26104416Japan Egg
HorseUltra Rare25100400Robux
SeahorseRare25100400Ocean Egg
ToucanUltra Rare25100400Star Rewards
MerhorseRare2496384Mythic Egg
SasquatchRare2392368Mythic Egg
SwordfishUltra Rare2184336Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
CorgiUltra Rare2080320Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
PenguinUltra Rare2080320Golden Goldfish
BatUncommon1976304Bat Box
RobotUltra Rare1976304Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
Irish ElkRare1872288Winter Event 2022
ZebraRare1872288Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
BeeUltra Rare1768272Honey
DingoUncommon1768272Aussie Egg
ParakeetRare1768272Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
IbisRare1664256Japan Egg
RobinCommon1664256Christmas Egg
Koi CarpRare1560240Japan Egg
Leopard CatRare1560240Japan Egg
Ginger CatUltra Rare1456224Star Rewards
GlyptodonUncommon1456224Fossil Egg
StegosaurusUncommon1456224Fossil Egg
TriceratopsUncommon1456224Fossil Egg
ErmineUncommon1352208Winter Event 2022
Dark Brown Shetland PonyRare1248192Winter Event 2022
Lunar OxUltra Rare1248192Ox Box
SlugUncommon1248192Halloween Event 2022
BandicootCommon1144176Aussie Egg
PandaUltra Rare1040160Robux
Red PandaUltra Rare1040160Retired Egg
Shiba InuUltra Rare1040160Retired Egg
CrabUncommon936144Ocean Egg
DolphinUncommon936144Ocean Egg
Ground SlothCommon936144Fossil Egg
SlothUltra Rare936144Robux
Tasmanian TigerCommon936144Fossil Egg
KirinUncommon728112Mythic Egg
MonkeyRare728112Monkey Box
StingrayCommon728112Ocean Egg
WolpertingerCommon62496Mythic Egg
CamelUncommon52080Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
DonkeyUncommon52080Royal Egg, Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
OxRare52080Ox Box
PoodleUncommon52080Royal Egg
BeaverRare41664Retired Egg
BunnyRare41664Retired Egg
RabbitRare41664Retired Egg
Rhino BeetleUncommon41664Japan Egg
Snow PumaRare41664Retired Egg
TanukiUncommon41664Japan Egg
DugongCommon31248Japan Egg
Sado MoleCommon31248Japan Egg
AntCommon2832Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
BuffaloCommon2832Retired Egg
Chocolate LabradorUncommon2832Retired Egg
Fennec FoxUncommon2832Retired Egg
MouseCommon2832Pet Egg, Cracked Egg
OtterCommon2832Retired Egg
PumaUncommon2832Retired Egg
Snow CatUncommon2832Retired Egg
CatCommon1416Retired Egg
DogCommon1416Retired Egg
Ice WolfUltra Rare3001,2004,800Winter Event 2022
Gingerbread ReindeerUltra Rare2501,0004,000Winter Event 2022
Wooly RhinoUltra Rare1004001,600Winter Event 2022

Adopt Me Egg Values:

Safari EggLegendary3,420Nursery – Gumball Machine
Blue EggRare2,043Easter Event 2019
Jungle EggLegendary1,900Nursery – Gumball Machine
Pink EggRare1,853Easter Event 2019
Farm EggLegendary1,663Nursery – Gumball Machine
Golden GiftLegendary1,093Christmas Event 2019
Premium Monkey BoxLegendary713Monkey Fairground Event
Christmas GiftLegendary475Christmas Event 2019
Christmas EggLegendary428Christmas Event 2019
Rat BoxLegendary331Lunar New Year Event 2020
Monkey BoxRare219Monkey Fairground Event
Easter 2020 EggCommon200Easter Event 2020
Diamond EggLegendary117Star Rewards
Bat BoxRare112Lunar New Year Event 2020
Aussie EggLegendary91Nursery – Gumball Machine
Golden EggLegendary60Star Rewards
Fossil EggLegendary41Nursery – Gumball Machine
Zodiac Minion EggLegendary40Minions Event 2022 – Gru’s Lab
Royal EggLegendary34Nursery – Sir Woofington
Wolf BoxLegendary32Halloween Event 2022
Ocean EggLegendary31Nursery – Gumball Machine
Retired EggRare30Nursery – VIP Room
Mythic EggLegendary27Nursery – Gumball Machine
Massive GiftLegendary22Adoption Island – Gifts Display
Woodland EggLegendary16Nursery – Gumball Machine
Japan EggLegendary15Nursery – Gumball Machine
Pet EggRare14Nursery – Holly
Big GiftRare10Adoption Island – Gifts Display
Small GiftCommon5Adoption Island – Gifts Display
Cracked EggCommon4Nursery – Doug
Starter EggCommon0Nursery – Sir Woofington

Adopt Me Vehicle values

Neon Black ScooterCommon3,325Gifts
Ghost VehicleUltra Rare2,000Halloween Event 2018
GoKartUltra Rare1,000Robux
Roblox SnowboardCommon950Gifts
Rocket SledLegendary594Gifts
Snow SnowboardCommon594Gifts
Neon Black SkateboardUltra Rare250Gifts
Adopt Me Snowboard 1Common179Gifts
Adopt Me Snowboard 2Common179Gifts
Bunny CarriageLegendary179Gifts
Gold SnowboardCommon179Gifts
Horse CycleLegendary167Gifts
Unicorn CycleLegendary167Gifts
Ice SnowboardCommon152Gifts
Donut CycleLegendary119Gifts
MopedRare119Vehicle Dealership
Festive Deliveries Present TruckUltra Rare110Winter Holiday Event 2021
Cookie UnicycleUltra Rare100Christmas Event 2019
Flower WagonUltra Rare100Spring Festival Event 2020
Neon Green SkateboardUltra Rare100Gifts
Neon Orange ScooterUltra Rare100Gifts
Neon Pink ScooterUltra Rare100Gifts
Adopt Me Boy ScooterRare95Gifts
Adopt Me Girl ScooterRare95Gifts
Pumpkin CarriageLegendary95Halloween Event 2019
Santa’s SleighLegendary95Christmas Event 2019
Traveling HouseLegendary95Gifts
Black SnowboardCommon91Gifts
Blue Neon SnowboardCommon91Gifts
Blue ScooterCommon91Gifts
Blue SkateboardCommon91Gifts
Blue SnowboardCommon91Gifts
Cupcake ScooterRare91Gifts
Duck ScooterRare91Gifts
Fossil Paw HelicopterRare91Wooden Pedestal
Green Neon SnowboardCommon91Gifts
Orange Neon SnowboardCommon91Gifts
Pink Neon SnowboardCommon91Gifts
Racing MonoplaneRare91Wooden Pedestal
White Neon SnowboardCommon91Gifts
White SkateboardCommon91Gifts
White SnowboardCommon91Gifts
Neon Blue ScooterUltra Rare90Gifts
Neon Blue SkateboardUltra Rare90Gifts
Neon Green ScooterUltra Rare90Gifts
Neon Orange SkateboardUltra Rare90Gifts
Neon Pink SkateboardUltra Rare90Gifts
Neon Red ScooterUltra Rare90Gifts
Neon Red SkateboardUltra Rare90Gifts
Neon White ScooterUltra Rare90Gifts
Neon White SkateboardUltra Rare90Gifts
Shadow RiderLegendary90Halloween Event 2022
Bethink SkateboardRare86Gifts
Gold ScooterUncommon86Gifts
Gold SkateboardUncommon86Gifts
Wood SkateboardUncommon86Gifts
Headless Horseman’s BiplaneLegendary85Halloween Event 2022
TriremeUltra Rare85Desert Shop
Ice Queen SleighUltra Rare80Christmas Event 2019
Snow PlowUltra Rare80Snowy Igloo Shop
Tundra Exploration MachineUltra Rare80Snowy Igloo Shop
Black SkateboardCommon76Gifts
Doge SkateboardRare76Gifts
Emoji ScooterRare76Gifts
Fidget SkateboardRare76Gifts
Fissy SkateboardRare76Gifts
Ice ScooterUncommon76Gifts
Pink SkateboardCommon76Gifts
LandsailerUltra Rare70Desert Shop
ZamboniUltra Rare70Pet Store
Ribcage CarriageLegendary62Halloween Event 2020
Wing Trunk CarLegendary62Robux
Black ScooterCommon60Gifts
Clown CarUltra Rare60Monkey Fairground
Lunar Muscle CarUltra Rare55Lunar New Year Event 2021
Bubble CarLegendary53Robux
Magical Girl CarLegendary53Robux
Pink ScooterCommon53Gifts
White ScooterCommon53Gifts
Heart HoverboardUltra Rare50Robux
Dino TruckLegendary48Gifts
Ice Cream TruckLegendary48Robux
Imagination BoxLegendary48Gifts
Prince CarriageLegendary48Robux
Princess CarriageLegendary48Robux
Royal CarriageLegendary48Robux
SledRare48Christmas Gift
SpeedboatRare48Wooden Pedestal
Squirrel CarLegendary48Gifts
Banana CarLegendary43Gifts
Choo Choo TrainLegendary43Gifts
Doge ScooterRare43Gifts
Glass ScooterUncommon43Gifts
Glass SkateboardUncommon43Gifts
Glass SnowboardCommon43Gifts
Melon SkateboardRare43Gifts
Wood ScooterUncommon43Gifts
Donut UnicycleUltra Rare40Gifts
Muscle CarUltra Rare40Vehicle Dealership
Plant Powered Roller SkatesUltra Rare40Gifts
Rocket RacerUltra Rare35Star Rewards
Unicorn Zombie PonycycleUltra Rare35Halloween Event 2022
Daisy UnicycleRare34Spring Festival 2020
Dirt Bike UnicycleUltra Rare30Gifts
Magical Princess UnicycleUltra Rare30Gifts
Throwing Knife TargetRare30Halloween Event 2022
Clown UnicycleUncommon22Monkey Boxes
Witch’s CaravanLegendary19Star Rewards
Rocket SkatesRare15Gifts
Camper VanRare12Vehicle Dealership
Futuristic UnicycleRare12Gifts
OffroaderRare12Vehicle Dealership
Pizza UnicycleRare12Gifts
SurfboardRare12Pool Store
BikeCommon10Vehicle Dealership
Blue RiderRare10Star Rewards
CarUncommon10Vehicle Dealership
ConvertibleRare10Vehicle Dealership
Human BubbleRare10Star Rewards
MotorcycleCommon10Vehicle Dealership
Multi-BikeCommon10Vehicle Dealership
Tiny ConvertibleUncommon10Vehicle Dealership
Butterfly Roller SkatesRare4Gifts
Roller SkatesCommon4Toy Shop
Standard Roller SkatesCommon4Toy Shop
Standard UnicycleCommon4Toy Shop
UnicycleUncommon4Toy Shop
LimoUltra RareNot TradeableRobux

Adopt Me Stroller Values

Egg StrollerRare500Easter Event 2018
Heart StrollerRare200Valentine’s Event 2019
Quad StrollerRare180Gifts
Vampire StrollerRare170Halloween Event 2018
Cradle StrollerRare150Gifts
Baby Basket StrollerUltra Rare110Gifts
Duck StrollerUltra Rare100Gifts
Trike StrollerRare100Gifts
Race Car StrollerUltra Rare90Gifts
French Fries StrollerUltra Rare80Gifts
Unicorn StrollerUltra Rare80Gifts
Ice Cream StrollerRare80Gifts
Cannon StrollerUltra Rare70Gifts
Easter Egg StrollerUltra Rare60Easter Event 2019
Reindeer StrollerUltra Rare60Christmas Event 2019
Pizza StrollerRare60Gifts
Pumpkin StrollerRare60Halloween Event 2020
Flower StrollerUltra Rare50Spring Festival Event 2020
Airplane StrollerRare50Gifts
Half Egg StrollerUltra Rare40Easter Event 2019
Popsicle StrollerUltra Rare40Gifts
Cauldron StrollerRare40Halloween Event 2019
Hatched Egg StrollerRare40Gifts
Bunny StrollerUltra Rare35Easter Event 2019
Kangaroo StrollerUltra Rare35Gifts
Palanquin StrollerUltra Rare30Lunar New Year Event 2021
Dog House StrollerRare30Gifts
Rainbow StrollerUltra Rare25Baby Shop
Balloon StrollerUltra Rare20Baby Shop
Lunar StrollerUltra Rare20Gifts
Triple StrollerUltra Rare20Gifts
Banana StrollerRare20Gifts
Teacup StrollerLegendary15Baby Shop
Rocket Ship StrollerRare15Baby Shop
Throne StrollerRare15Baby Shop
Crystal Ball StrollerRare10Halloween Event 2022
Egyptian Chariot StrollerUltra Rare10Desert Weather Map
Red Wagon StrollerUltra Rare10Gifts
Snow Mobile StrollerUltra Rare10Snow Weather Update
Woodland Cradle StrollerUltra Rare10Gifts
Crate StrollerRare10Gifts
Egg Basket StrollerRare10Easter Event 2022
Car StrollerUncommon10Baby Shop
Double StrollerUncommon10Baby Shop
Catapult StrollerUltra Rare5Gifts
Hover StrollerUltra Rare5Baby Shop
Wheelbarrow StrollerUltra Rare5Campground
Halloween Black Witch Hat StrollerRare5Halloween Event 2021
High Heel StrollerRare5Gifts
Pelican StrollerRare5Baby Shop
Princess StrollerRare5Baby Shop
Droplet StrollerUncommon5Baby Shop
Magic Carpet StrollerUncommon5Baby Shop
Magic Moon StrollerUncommon5Baby Shop
RGB StrollerUncommon5RGB Reward Box
StrollerUncommon5Baby Shop
Default StrollerCommonNot TradeableStarting Item

What is WFL in Adopt Me?

WFL is an abbreviation used by traders to quickly assess the fairness of a trade offer. It represents three possible outcomes:

  1. Win: A trade where one party receives significantly more value than the other. In a “Win” trade, one player gains an advantage over the other, often by receiving rare or highly desirable items or pets.
  2. Fair: A trade where both parties exchange items of similar value. In a “Fair” trade, neither player gains a significant advantage, and the exchange is considered equitable.
  3. Lose: A trade where one party receives significantly less value than the other. In a “Lose” trade, one player may feel disadvantaged by giving up valuable items or pets without receiving commensurate value in return.

How WFL Influences Trading Decisions

Understanding WFL is crucial for making informed trading decisions in Adopt Me. When evaluating trade offers, players consider whether the proposed exchange is a Win, Fair, or Lose for them. This assessment helps traders negotiate fair deals and avoid potential scams or unfair trades.

Determining WFL in Trades

Assessing WFL in trades involves comparing the value of items or pets being exchanged. Factors that influence WFL include rarity, demand, and current market trends. Players may also consult external resources, such as trading guides or value lists, to gauge the relative worth of items.

Navigating WFL in Trading

Navigating WFL in trading requires communication, negotiation, and trust between traders. Players should openly discuss their trade preferences, clarify expectations, and ensure transparency throughout the trading process. By prioritizing fairness and mutual benefit, traders can build positive relationships within the Adopt Me community.


In Adopt Me, WFL serves as a guiding principle for assessing the fairness of trade offers and facilitating equitable exchanges between players. By understanding the concept of WFL and applying it to their trading practices, players can participate confidently in the dynamic economy of Adopt Me while fostering a culture of integrity and respect within the community.