8 Best Unblocked Games Websites to Play at School

There are a ton of the great unlocked games websites to play at school but not all of them are actually unlocked. There is a very important reason why they are blocked and we don’t recommend that you play games that school and avoid classes.

We also know how hard it is to sit in a boring class that is tackling subjects you already know about. Or being on a break at school and being bored because you can’t go outside because it’s snowing. There are times when the best unlocked games websites can really help you pass time and generally enjoy yourself. For those times, we have compiled a list of the best unlocked games website to play at school or work so you don’t have to search for them.

Best Unlocked Games Website to Play at School

An important thing to note here is that each and every school has a different type of restriction in place. Some of the schools like to blacklist certain websites while keeping others open. While others use something called a white list. A white list is basically a list of websites that you can access on your school premises. This means that the school manually adds websites that are okay for use in the school. This also means that any website that is not on the white list will be blocked.

Thankfully, there are certain workarounds that can help you in playing video games at school. One of them is fairly simple, all you need to do is download games on your smartphone or PC and then play them offline. However, that seriously hinders your ability to try out new games or new experiences. You could also use proxy servers to circumvent the school restrictions but those are generally not convenient.

Unfortunately, not a lot of unlocked games websites remain unlocked once the school administration knows about them. This is exactly why most popular videogame websites are locked off by the school or work. However, there is a slight chance that not all of them could be blocked because there are many available online.

This list of best unlocked games website to play at school is going to give you a couple of good websites that provide relatively unlocked services. There is absolutely no guarantee that all of them will work on your school computer or your phone using school Wi-Fi. That is simply because each and every school has their very own security system when it comes to blocking videogame websites.

Unblocked Games Pod

games pod (1).webp

Unblocked Games Pod is one of the best unlocked games website to play at school simply because it offers HTML 5 along with Adobe Flash Player games. One great thing about this website is that the graphical quality of the games is far superior to other websites. You’ll of course need a good Internet connection to stream video games on a browser but the website does a great job of loading things. Overall, it is one of the best video games website available that is probably not blocked by your school or office.

bored (2).webp is a very straightforward website. All you need to do is press a button and the website will select the game that you can play. This removes the need of searching through the whole website to find the game you want. If you’re the kind of person who gets overwhelmed when there are too many choices, this is the best videogame site for you. It works flawlessly and always gives you an entertaining videogame to play when you are bored. It is a highly recommended experience that you should at least try out once.

Mills Eagles


Mills Eagles is a beautifully designed website that has multiple categories. You can select from action games to adventure games and from casino games to multiplayer games on the website. This way, you can dive straight into the category you like the most and start enjoying video games you like. For example, if you love role-playing games, there is a dedicated category for those.

We also really love how they have separated the Unblocked Games from the regular ones so you don’t have to try them all out to see which one works or not. This is one of the best websites to enjoy video games wherever videogame sites are blocked. There is also a dedicated search button that allows you to search the kind of game you want to play as well, making the whole process seamless, easy and fast.

Unblocked Games 24h

24h (1).webp

Unblocked Games 24H is another neatly designed website that allows you to play video games while on a restricted Internet connection. You can find a ton of different games here. Some of them are very popular and some of them are unique in their own right so you won’t have any shortage of choice on this website. Just like every other website on this list, is also needs Adobe Flash Player in order to work so make sure you have that enabled on the browser.

If you want to play games on this website, you’ll need to make sure your web browser supports Adobe Flash Player. Most of the games here are based on Flash so it is essential that your browser has it enabled. There are a ton of free unblocked games you can play on this website and most of them are pretty popular as well. However, not all games turn out to be exactly what they are so don’t have big expectations.

Unblocked Games 666

Unblocked Games 666 (1).webp

Despite its slightly nefarious name, the Unblocked Games 666 is not that malicious. The website provides awesome video games to play on all computers, yes this includes your school and office ones. Currently they have a very large roster of video games available with the top hundred unblocked games. From arcade games to adventure ones and from driving to shooting ones a lot of games are available for you to check out.

If you’re looking for a huge catalog of video games to play on your school or office computer, then iUnblocked Games/Unblocked Games 666 is the way to go. It’s a well-designed website that allows you to quickly navigate to the videogame you want and start playing it. The games are also arranged in alphabetical order and can be accessed right from the home page. Overall, it’s a curated selection of video games that you can enjoy anywhere you want without any restrictions.

Unblocked Games 66

bored (1).webp

Unblocked Games 66 is a simple website that you can access on any browser that supports Flash. You can simply visit the website and gain access to hundreds of Flash games on the platform. There are some classics included as well so you can enjoy those without having to pay anything at all. The games are from multiple categories so you won’t be short for choice here. One great thing we loved about this one is the request form. You can fill it up and the website will try to get that game on their website as well.

Unblocked Games 77


Unblocked Games 77 is a lot like other websites on this list. You’ll need Adobe Flash Player in order to play the games hosted on this website. You’d be out of luck if your school computer doesn’t have Adobe Flash Player. Thankfully, most schools do have Flash Player installed and enabled on most of the browsers because it is quite necessary for old programs. Many websites have moved to HTML 5 these days but this one has not yet done the migration. The games are also pretty robust here and include classics like Pac-Man and Tetris.

Unblocked Games 333


Unblocked Games 333 displays all the popular video games right on the left side of the screen. We really like how they are arranged in alphabetical order so you can quickly navigate to the one you want. There are some popular video games here as well however, we don’t think all of them would work. The ones we tested did work and we had no problems playing video games on work computers.

Why Free Online Games Are Risky

There are thousands of websites that claim to provide you free video games to play. However, not all of them are actually videogame websites but they are just fronts for malicious software ready to infect your computer. This is exactly why we don’t recommend that you go on any random website for video games.

Some of the websites also display video games that are way beyond anything we’ve seen. One website even claimed that you can play Grand Theft Auto 5 on a web browser. Sure, it can happen if you own a streaming service that allows you to play video games via streaming. However, these are not streaming websites. They simply load a flash game on to the browser that you can play at your leisure.

Long story short, most of the websites won’t allow you to play the latest Call of Duty on your school computer. It is just not technologically feasible for free websites to provide that kind of service. Keeping your expectations low is the key to enjoying a good videogame experience while in school or at work. Video games are video games and whether they are AAA or small Flash titles, they have the tendency to keep us engaged in their world.

Be Responsible

If your school or work requires your utmost attention, we recommend that you pay attention to what really matters. If you’re becoming a doctor or an architect, it is important to pay attention to the class rather than play video games. If your work is important and requires your attention, it would be better if you focus on that and play video games when you are off duty. Being responsible is your duty, we’re just here to provide you means to unblocked video games that you can play whenever you want. Use this power responsibly.

Adobe Flash Player

The support for Adobe Flash Player is going to end in 2020. So most of the game websites are either going to go down or have to shift to HTML 5. We will keep this list updated if the websites are not available. We’re pretty sure that most websites will migrate to HTML 5 and be able to provide you with video games for a long time. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll remove the website from the list.


These were some of the best unblocked game websites to play in school. Not all of those might be unblocked on your campus but we are sure you’ll find at least one that works. Most schools have dedicated IT departments keeping an eye on their network. This means it won’t be long before these games are going to be detected as well. But until then, you can at least have some fun.