ASTD Value list July 2024 – All Star Tower Defense Value List 2023

“All Star Tower Defense” is a Roblox game that has gained immense popularity for its fusion of tower defense mechanics and iconic characters from various anime series. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of “All Star Tower Defense” and explore its value list, shedding light on the rarity and importance of in-game units and characters.

S Tier Astd Value List

Death / Ryuk

  • Value – 265,000
  • Pure Value – 300,000
  • Demand – 1
  • Rarity – 9.75
  • Circulation – 0.5

Legendary Borul (Alternative) / DBZ Broly

  • Value – 115,000-120,000
  • Pure Value – 125,000
  • Demand – 2
  • Rarity – 9.
  • Circulation – 1.25

Club Beast / Kaido

Value – 34,000
Pure Value – 36,000
Demand – 4
Rarity – 6.5
Circulation – 5

First Wood Bender / Hashirama

Value – 24,000
Pure Value – 29,000
Demand – 8
Rarity – 6.5
Circulation – 4

Dark Wing / Ulquiorra

Value – 23,000
Pure Value – 25,000
Demand – 6
Rarity – 6.5
Circulation – 4

Old Will / Yamamoto

Value – 21,500
Pure Value – 22,500
Demand – 5
Rarity – 6.5
Circulation – 4

Martial Artist / Jin Mori

Value – 19,000
Pure Value – 22,000
Demand – 6
Rarity – 6.5
Circulation – 4

Jinjou / Cumber

Value – 15,000
Pure Value – N/A
Demand – 2
Rarity – 8
Circulation – 4

Tomi / Tobi

Value – 15,000
Pure Value – N/A
Demand – 3.5
Rarity – 7
Circulation – 2.5

Expert Sorcerer / Normal Reigen

Value – 13,000
Pure Value – 15,500
Demand – 4
Rarity – 7
Circulation – 2.5

Zaruto (GRR III) / Naruto (GRR III)

Value – 11,500
Pure Value – 65,000
Demand – 5.5
Rarity – 6
Circulation – 4.5

A Tier Astd Value List

Challenger Flaming Tiger / Challenger Rengoku

Illusiva / Nero Padoru

Water Goddess / Aqua

Zaruto (GRR II) / Naruto (GRR II)

Varaq/ Sinbad

Zaruto (GRR 1)/ Naruto (GRR I)

Heaven Z1O/ DIO (Overheaven)

Koku Red Spirit x50/ Goku Kaioken x50

Zaruto (GRR I)/ Naruto (GRR I)

Expert Sorcerer (Angry)!Angry Reigen

Ghost Girl/ Perona

Expert Sorcerer (Sad) / Sad Reigen

Shadow ZIO/ Shadow DIO


Understanding “All Star Tower Defense”

Before we delve into the value list, let’s establish a basic understanding of “All Star Tower Defense” and its core gameplay elements:

  1. Tower Defense Gameplay: “All Star Tower Defense” follows the classic tower defense formula. Players must strategically place and upgrade units (in this case, anime characters) to defend against waves of enemies that traverse predefined paths.
  2. Gacha System: One of the key features of the game is the gacha system. Players can summon anime characters (known as units) using in-game currency to add them to their roster. Each unit has unique abilities and attributes.
  3. Team Building: Players assemble teams of units, strategically choosing which characters to deploy in each level based on their abilities and synergy. Team composition plays a crucial role in success.
  4. Progression: As players progress through the game, they earn rewards, level up their units, and unlock new content. The game offers a sense of achievement and a continuous cycle of improvement.
  5. Trading and Rarity: Trading units with other players is a significant aspect of “All Star Tower Defense.” The rarity and desirability of units play a vital role in determining their trade value.

The “All Star Tower Defense” Value List

In “All Star Tower Defense,” units are classified into different tiers based on their rarity and strength. While the specific tiers and values can change with updates, here’s a general overview:

S-Tier (Top Tier):

  1. Legendary Units: These are the rarest and most powerful units in the game. They often have unique abilities and can be game-changers when deployed strategically.
  2. Event-Exclusive Units: Units that are only available during limited-time events are highly sought after and can be exceptionally strong.

A-Tier (Strong Tier):

  1. Epic Units: Epic units are less rare than legendaries but are still strong and valuable. They often have unique abilities or powerful attacks.
  2. Highly Synergistic Units: Some units are valuable not just for their individual strength but for their synergy with other units. These units can be game-changing when used correctly.

B-Tier (Good Tier):

  1. Rare Units: These units are less common and provide decent strength and utility. They are valuable for building versatile teams.
  2. Versatile Support Units: Units that offer support or healing abilities, even if not exceptionally rare, can be highly valuable for team survival.

C-Tier (Average Tier):

  1. Common Units: These units are readily obtainable and serve as the foundation for most player rosters. They provide basic functionality.
  2. Standard Attack Units: Units with straightforward attack abilities that are essential for early-game defense.


Understanding the “All Star Tower Defense” value list is crucial for optimizing your gameplay experience, whether you’re building powerful teams, trading units, or progressing through the game. Keep in mind that the in-game economy, unit values, and strategies may change with updates, so staying informed within the “All Star Tower Defense” community is essential for making informed decisions regarding unit acquisition and trading.