Anime Adventures Value list September 2023

Anime Adventures is a Roblox game that immerses players in an anime-inspired universe, where they embark on adventures, battle foes, and collect a diverse array of items. Understanding the value of these items is essential for trading, customization, and enhancing your in-game experience. In this article, we will delve into the “Anime Adventures” value list, shedding light on the rarity and significance of various in-game commodities.

S-Tier Value List

Unit Value Demand Trend
JIO (Over Heaven)/Dio (SHINY) Any 4 Overpriced
Future Guhon/Gohan (SHINY) Any 5 Stable
Jio (Over Heaven)/Dio 18,500 8 Stable
Future Guhon/Gohan 13,750 5 Stable
Blue Devil/Rin (SHINY) 12,000 5 Stable
Blue Devil/Rin 7,250 6 Stable
Android 21 (SHINY) 5,300 7 Stable
Toby/Tobi (SHINY) 4,300 2 Unstable
Emili/Emilia (SHINY) 3,900 7 Stable
Mist Ninja/Zabuza (SHINY) 3,550 7 Hyped
Saicky/Saiki K (SHINY) 3,000 3 Stable
Hie/Hiei (SHINY) 3,000 6 Stable
Lulu/Lelouch (SHINY) 2,950 3 Declining
Android 21 2,750 8 Stable
Boron/Boros (SHINY) 2,600 8 Stable
Kumo/Kuma (SHINY) 2,100 3 Stable
Jelly/Jellal (SHINY) 2,100 5 Stable
Homuru/Homura (SHINY) 1,900 6 Unstable
Saiky/Saiki 1,650 3 Stable
Tango/Tengen (SHINY) 1,600 2 Stable
Unohona/Unohana (SHINY) 1,600 6 Stable
Power (SHINY) 1,400 8 Hyped
Ezra/Ezra (Lightning) (SHINY) 1,375 4 Stable
Kumo/Kuma 1,350 4 Stable
Hie/Hiei 1,350 5 Stable

Before we dive into the value list, let’s establish a basic understanding of “Anime Adventures” and its core elements:

  1. Anime-Styled World: “Anime Adventures” transports players to a visually captivating world inspired by anime aesthetics, featuring unique landscapes and characters.
  2. Quests and Adventures: Players can engage in quests, battles, and missions, earning rewards, experience points, and items that contribute to character progression.
  3. Customization: A prominent aspect of the game involves customizing your character’s appearance and abilities using collectible items, cosmetics, and gear.
  4. Trading and Rarity: Trading is a central feature of “Anime Adventures,” where players exchange items and cosmetics. The rarity and demand for these items significantly impact their value.
  5. Community and Values: Players often collaborate to establish value lists that categorize items into different tiers based on their rarity, desirability, and significance in the game.

The “Anime Adventures” Value List

  1. S-Tier (Top Tier):
    • Legendary Items: Legendary items are exceedingly rare and often come with unique effects, abilities, or appearances that make them highly coveted by players.
    • High-Demand Cosmetics: Exclusive and visually appealing cosmetics that are in high demand within the “Anime Adventures” community.
    • Exclusive In-Game Currency: Certain in-game currencies, such as limited-time event currencies, may hold significant value due to their exclusivity.
  2. A-Tier (Strong Tier):
    • Rare Items: Items that are less common but still considered valuable due to their scarcity and utility in the game.
    • Unique Abilities: Character abilities or items that provide a strategic advantage in battles or quests.
    • Limited-Edition Cosmetics: Cosmetics released during special events or collaborations that are sought after for their exclusivity.
  3. B-Tier (Good Tier):
    • Uncommon Items: Items that are regularly obtainable but are functional and useful for character customization or gameplay.
    • Basic Abilities: Abilities or skills that are part of the core gameplay and enhance character performance without being overly rare or unique.
    • Standard In-Game Currency: The primary in-game currency used for everyday transactions.
  4. C-Tier (Average Tier):
    • Common Items: Common items that are readily accessible and serve as the foundation for character customization and progression.
    • Standard Gear: Gear and equipment that provide basic benefits without extraordinary effects.
    • Generic Consumables: Consumable items that offer basic healing or buffs during gameplay.


Understanding the “Anime Adventures” value list is key to optimizing your gameplay experience, whether you’re collecting rare items, engaging in trades, or enhancing your character’s appearance and abilities. Keep in mind that the in-game economy and item values may evolve over time with updates and player trends, so staying informed within the “Anime Adventures” community is crucial for making informed decisions regarding item acquisition and trading.