Anime Adventures Tier List (April 2024)

In the vibrant universe of Anime Adventures, players are continuously on the quest to optimize their teams, make informed decisions, and strategize their gameplay. An essential tool aiding these endeavors is the tier list. Distinguishing the best characters from the rest, the Anime Adventures tier list is pivotal for both newcomers and veterans. This article will explore the intricacies of the tier list, shedding light on its significance and offering insights to players on leveraging it for their in-game progression.

High S Tier:

Mid S Tier:

NameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
Android 21 (SHINY)5,5002657Stable
Mist Ninja / Zabuza (SHINY)4,2502158Stable
Emili / Emilia (SHINY)3,7001906Stable
Homuru / Homura (SHINY)3,6501858Stable
Toby / Tobi (SHINY)3,5501802Stable
Skull Knight (SHINY)3,2501658Hyped
Android 213,0251457Stable
Hie / Hiei (SHINY)3,0001455Stable
Saicky / Saiki K (SHINY)3,0001453Stable

Low S Tier:

NameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
Boron / Boros (SHINY)2,8001356Stable
Lulu / Lelouch (SHINY)2,3001203Declining
Jelly / Jellal (SHINY)2,0001105Stable
Kumo / Kuma (SHINY)1,800903Stable
Ging / Gin (SHINY)1,800857Stable
Unohona / Unohana (SHINY)1,700806Stable
Saiky / Saiki1,650753Stable
Tango / Tengen (SHINY)1,600702Stable

A Tier:

NameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
Roger / Gol D. Roger1,425706Unstable
Hie / Hiei1,400655Stable
Mamy / Mamy (SHINY)1,350657Stable
Kumo / Kuma1,350654Stable
Flamingo / Doflamingo (SHINY)1,350655Stable
Power (SHINY)1,300655Stable
Ezra / Erza (Lightning) (SHINY)1,250603Stable
Merlyn / Merlin (SHINY)1,250604Stable
Kisoko / Kisuke (Bankai) (SHINY)1,200604Stable
Yamomoto / Yamamoto (SHINY)1,100504Stable
Nejiri / Nejire (SHINY)975503Stable
Piccoru / Piccolo (SHINY)975506Stable
Poseidon (SHINY)950505Unstable
Snake Princess / Boa (SHINY)950505Stable
Rayleigh (SHINY)875504Stable
Kenshi / Kenshin (SHINY)850454Stable
Kimomaro / Kimimaro (SHINY)800453Unstable
Temori / Temari (SHINY)800453Stable
Jozo / Jozu (SHINY)800452Stable
Shisu / Shisui (SHINY)775405Stable
Mist Ninja / Zabuza725404Stable
Ria / Rias (SHINY)700375Stable
Harribu / Harribel (SHINY)700376Unstable
Angel (SHINY)675375Stable
Bombietta / Bambietta (SHINY)650354Unstable
Issai / Issei (SHINY)635355Stable
Daky / Daki (SHINY)600324Stable
Ice Queen / Esdeath (SHINY)575323Stable
Mid A Tier / A
Nejiri / Nejire550323Stable
Akena / Akeno (SHINY)550323Stable
Gowther / Gowthy (SHINY)490304Stable
Ji Mo Ri / Jin Mori (SHINY)480304Stable
Isago / Isagi (SHINY)475305Unstable
Heathcliff (SHINY)475304Stable
Yoshina / Yoshino (SHINY)475304Stable
Inuyasha / Inuyashu (SHINY)475304Stable
Akin / Aki (SHINY)460273Stable
Tatsumo / Tatsumi (SHINY)460273Stable
Getu / Geto (SHINY)460273Stable
Homuru / Homura450276Stable
Madoko / Madoka (SHINY)450264Stable
Chainsaw (SHINY)430253Stable
Kenshi / Kenshin400253Stable
Kimomaro / Kimimaro400252Unstable
Temori / Temari400252Stable
Buggy (SHINY)400253Stable
Ipo / Ippo (SHINY)400253Stable
Peruna / Perona (SHINY)385253Stable
Jozo / Jozu385252Stable
Sayako / Sayaka (SHINY)375254Stable
Minata / Minato (SHINY)375253Stable
Roshy / Roshi (SHINY)375252Stable
Kuneko / Koneko (SHINY)375253Stable
Klay / Klein (SHINY)360224Stable
Kyoka / Kyoko (SHINY)350223Stable
Avdo / Avdol (SHINY)335213Unstable
Todoro / Todoroki (SHINY)325203Stable
Weather / Weather Report (SHINY)325203Stable
Broke / Brook (SHINY)325203Stable
Emili / Emilia325205Stable
Low A Tier / A-
Luci / Lucy (SHINY)300204Stable
Kizume / Kisame (SHINY)275202Unstable
Ezra / Erza Valkyrie (SHINY)275203Stable
Hime / Himeno (SHINY)275203Stable
Kobeno / Kobeni (SHINY)275203Stable
Kit / Kite (SHINY)275203Stable
Toshin / Toshiro (SHINY)265183Stable
Skull Knight250175Unstable
Ezra / Erza True Heart (SHINY)250172Stable

B Tier:

NameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
Flamingo / Doflamingo220154Stable
Kent / Kento (SHINY)215153Stable
Boron / Boros200155Stable
Lulu / Lelouch200152Declining
Lucky / Luck (SHINY)190132Stable
Moriu / Moria (SHINY)185122Stable
Mid B Tier / B
Isago / Isagi180124Unstable
Fire Fist / Ace (SHINY)180124Stable
Ji Mo Ri / Jin Mori180124Stable
Inuyasha / Inuyashu180123Stable
Tatsumo / Tatsumi180123Stable
Yamomoto / Yamamoto (Hellfire)180124Stable
Ipo / Ippo165113Stable
Carrot (SHINY)15593Stable
Mirka / Mirko (SHINY)14093Stable
Oshy / Ai Hoshino (SHINY)13094Stable
Merlyn / Merlin13094Stable
Denjy / Denji Secret (SHINY)12583Stable
Haka / Haku (Reflection) (SHINY)11072Stable
Ezra / Erza Lightning10073Stable
Jelly / Jellal (Heaven)8063Stable
Kisoko / Kisuke (Bankai)7053Stable
Akin / Aki7053Stable
Ice Queen / Esdeath (Empire's Strongest)7053Stable
Navi / Nami (SHINY)7054Stable
Daky / Daki6553Stable
Harribu / Harribel6053Stable
Mamy / Mami5543Stable
Veko (SHINY)5042Stable
Ria / Rias5043Stable
Akena / Akeno5043Stable
Issai / Issei5043Stable
Kuneko / Koneko5043Stable
Shisu / Shisui5042Stable
Piccoru / Piccolo5042Stable
Chainsaw / Denji5042Stable
Getu / Geto (Maximum)5042Stable
Luci / Lucy (All Keys)5042Stable
Low B Tier / B-
Ichi (Full Hollow) / Ichigo (Full Hollow) (SHINY)5042Stable
Renzi / Renji (SHINY)5041Stable
Madoko / Madoka4533Stable
Navi / Nami4533Stable
Avdo / Avdol4033Stable
Klay / Klein4033Stable
Bombietta / Bambietta4033Stable
Oshy / Ai Hoshino3533Stable
Sayako / Sayaka3532Stable
Broke / Brook3532Stable
Peruna / Perona3532Stable
Ezra (Valkyrie) / Erza3532Stable
Snake Princess / Boa3552Stable
Minata / Minato3532Stable
Unohona / Unohana3532Stable

C Tier:

NameValueReroll TokensDemandTrend
Kizume / Kisame3022Stable
Kyoka / Kyoko3022Stable
Hime / Himeno3022Stable
Tango / Tengen3021Stable
Kobeno / Kobeni2522Stable
Gowthy / Gowther2522Stable
Roshy / Roshi2521Stable
Tobi / Toby2021Stable
Ezra (True Heart) / Erza1721Stable
Mid C Tier / C
Getan / Geten (SHINY)1522Stable
Nightmare Luffo / Nightmare Luffy (SHINY)1522Stable
Shingo / Shinji (SHINY)1522Stable
Mecha Freezo / Mecha Frieza (SHINY)1522Stable
Heavy Weather / Weather Report1521Stable
Todorro / Todoroki1311Stable
Toshin / Toshiro1011Stable
Luci / Lucy1011Stable
Kent / Kento1011Stable
Kit / Kite1011Stable
Lucky / Luck1011Stable
Moriu / Moria1011Stable
Ezra / Erza1011Stable
Haka / Haku (Reflection)1011Stable
Low C Tier / C-
Fire Fist / Ace511Stable
Ichi (Full Hollow) / Ichigo (Full Hollow)512Stable
Renzi / Renji511Stable
Luffo (Marine's Ford) / Luffy (Marineford)511Stable
Nightmare Luffo / Nightmare Luffy511Stable
Shingo / Shinji511Stable
Getan / Geten511Stable
Mecha Freezo / Mecha Frieza511Stable
Yoshina / Yoshino511Stable
Mirka / Mirko511Stable

Understanding the Tier List

A tier list is essentially a ranking system, categorizing characters based on their efficacy, abilities, and overall impact in the game. In Anime Adventures, characters are plucked from a plethora of anime series, each possessing unique skills and strengths. By understanding where each character stands on the tier list, players can make more strategic decisions on team formations, battles, and in-game investments.

Why is the Tier List Important?

  1. Informed Gameplay: For players to excel, knowing which characters offer the best advantages in battles is essential. The tier list provides this clarity.
  2. Resource Allocation: In Anime Adventures, resources like in-game currency, upgrade materials, or training sessions are finite. By focusing on top-tier characters, players can ensure they’re using their resources wisely.
  3. Strategic Team Building: Creating a balanced team with characters that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses is crucial. The tier list can guide players in making these selections.

Factors Influencing the Tier List

The placement of characters on the Anime Adventures tier list isn’t arbitrary. Several factors come into play:

  1. Character Abilities: This encompasses a character’s skills, attack strength, defensive capabilities, special moves, and how these evolve as the character levels up.
  2. Versatility: Characters that perform well in various in-game scenarios or against multiple opponents often rank higher.
  3. Community Consensus: Feedback and discussions within the Anime Adventures community can influence perceptions about a character’s effectiveness, thereby impacting their tier rank.
  4. Game Updates: As the game evolves, characters might undergo tweaks, buffs, or nerfs, leading to shifts in the tier list.

Keeping Up with the Tier List

Given the dynamic nature of Anime Adventures, the tier list is subject to change. Regular game updates, introduction of new characters, or modifications to existing ones can shuffle the rankings. Therefore, players should:

  1. Stay Updated: Frequently check reputable sources that maintain updated tier lists for Anime Adventures.
  2. Engage with the Community: Participating in forums, discussion groups, or other platforms can offer insights into shifts in the tier list and provide tips on optimizing gameplay.
  3. Test and Adapt: While the tier list is a valuable guideline, personal experience is irreplaceable. Players should feel free to test different characters and formations, adapting their strategies based on firsthand experiences.


The Anime Adventures tier list is more than just a ranking—it’s a compass guiding players through the vast world of characters, battles, and strategies. By understanding its nuances and staying updated, players can harness its insights to elevate their gameplay, make strategic choices, and navigate the Anime Adventures universe with confidence. Happy adventuring!