What is Angelus Value June 2024

Angelus is a powerful and rare pet in the popular Roblox game, Pet Simulator X. As a highly sought-after pet, Angelus holds a special place in the hearts of players and collectors alike. In this article, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Angelus, including its value, how to obtain it, its performance in the game, and its comparison to other similar pets.

What is Angelus?

Angelus is a legendary pet in Pet Simulator X, renowned for its stunning celestial design and exceptional abilities. Its ethereal appearance sets it apart, featuring angelic wings and a radiant aura that captivates players’ attention. Angelus possesses unique abilities that make it a prized possession for anyone fortunate enough to own it.

How much is Angelus worth?

The value of Angelus can vary due to fluctuations in supply and demand. As of the time of writing, the market value for Angelus is estimated to be around 5 million in-game currency or more than 15,000 Robux. The exact value may change based on factors such as the condition of the pet and current market dynamics.

How to get Angelus?

Angelus can only be obtained by hatching a Cosmic Egg, a special egg available during certain events in Pet Simulator X. The Cosmic Egg offers a chance to hatch the highly coveted Angelus pet, among other unique pets. Players need to hatch numerous Cosmic Eggs to increase their chances of obtaining Angelus. Additionally, trading with other players who own Angelus may be an alternative method to acquire this remarkable pet.

How much damage does Angelus do in Pet Simulator X?

Angelus boasts remarkable damage and health statistics in Pet Simulator X, making it a formidable companion during battles. Its abilities allow it to unleash potent attacks on enemies, contributing significantly to a player’s success in the game. The specific damage output of Angelus varies depending on its level and attributes.

How to use Angelus?

To maximize Angelus’s potential, players must equip the pet and utilize its abilities during battles in Pet Simulator X. Angelus’s unique abilities can be activated by pressing the corresponding keys, enabling players to harness its celestial powers to deal substantial damage to enemies and emerge victorious.

Similar pets with the same value?

Angelus stands as a unique and powerful pet in Pet Simulator X, but there are a few other legendary pets that share similar high values. Pets such as Nebula, Omega, and Cosmos have comparable worth due to their rarity and potent abilities. These pets, like Angelus, contribute significantly to a player’s success in battles and are highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts.


In summary, Angelus is an extraordinary and sought-after pet in Pet Simulator X, prized for its celestial appearance and formidable abilities. Players who aspire to obtain Angelus must be prepared to invest a substantial amount of in-game currency or Robux through Cosmic Eggs or trading with other players. In battles, Angelus’s exceptional damage and health stats make it an invaluable asset, enabling players to overcome challenges with greater ease. As with any high-value pet, caution is advised during trades to prevent scams. If you’re interested in other legendary pets with comparable worth, Nebula, Omega, and Cosmos are excellent choices to consider.