Angelic Warden Worth – What is Angelic Warden Value?

Creatures of Sonaria is a survival game on the popular platform Roblox, renowned for its diverse ecosystem and the unique creatures that inhabit its expansive world. Amidst this realm of fantastical wildlife and untamed wilderness, there lies an item shrouded in mystique and allure: the Angelic Warden.

What is the Angelic Warden?

The Angelic Warden is not merely an item; it’s a testament to the grandeur of Sonaria’s universe. This coveted item stands as a pinnacle of what many players strive to obtain—a symbol of status, power, and celestial beauty.

What is the Angelic Worth?

Angelic Warden Value : 27,000

Demand:- 8

Tier:- 4

Diet:- Carnivore

The Role of the Angelic Warden

In the game’s lore, the Angelic Warden serves as a guardian. Its ethereal presence is said to be the balance between the chaos and order that governs the lands of Sonaria. Those who possess the Angelic Warden find themselves under the gaze of protection, akin to the watchful eyes of a deity.


The Angelic Warden is often depicted as a radiant, ornate piece imbued with heavenly light. Its design is intricate, featuring wings that emanate a soft glow, reflecting the purity and the sublime nature of the heavens above.

Obtaining the Angelic Warden

Acquiring the Angelic Warden is a feat that many aspire to but few achieve. It’s an item that may be released during special events or through complex series of achievements that only the most dedicated of players can unlock. The exact method of obtaining the Angelic Warden can vary, often shrouded in the game’s evolving narrative and updates.

Trivia and Lore

  • The Angelic Warden is often the centerpiece in tales of Sonarian folklore, symbolizing themes of redemption, virtue, and the eternal struggle against darker forces.
  • It is rumored that the Angelic Warden’s origins are as old as Sonaria itself, crafted by ancient beings of immense power.

In-Game Use

While the specific abilities of the Angelic Warden may vary with game updates, it generally enhances the player’s creature in some manner, whether through added defenses, unique abilities, or status effects that benefit the player in their journey.


The Angelic Warden is more than just an in-game item; it’s a piece of Creatures of Sonaria’s living history. Its majesty and rarity make it a sought-after treasure, and its possession is a goal that many players set for themselves as they delve into the depths and soar through the skies of Sonaria’s enchanting world.

For the dedicated Sonarian, the quest for the Angelic Warden is not just a challenge—it’s a journey. A journey that tests one’s resolve, skill, and determination to uncover one of the game’s most profound secrets. So, embark on your adventure, for the Angelic Warden awaits.