Pet Simulator X

What is Wild Frost Agony Value July 2024

Wild Frost Agony is more than just a pet; it’s a symbol of the extreme cold and the unyielding power of winter within the realm of Pet Simulator X. Cloaked in hues of icy blue and shimmering silver, it carries the aura of a frosty tempest, representing both beauty and danger.

How Much is Wild Frost Agony Worth?

(N) Gem Value: 💎300,000,000
(G) Gem Value: 💎600,000,000
(RB) Gem Value: 💎1,200,000,000
(DM) Gem Value: 💎7,000,000,000

The value of “Wild Frost Agony” is high, making it one of the sought-after pets in the game. Its worth isn’t just about its captivating aesthetics, but also the unique abilities and boosts it brings to a player’s arsenal. While the exact in-game currency value can shift based on updates and the dynamics of the game’s trading community, it consistently ranks among the top-tier pets.

How to Get Wild Frost Agony?

Securing a “Wild Frost Agony” for your collection requires determination:

  1. Special Events: Keep an eye out for Pet Simulator X events which might offer a chance to nab this frosty companion.
  2. Trading: With its notable value, some players might be open to trades. However, be prepared to offer other rare pets or items in exchange.
  3. Exclusive Eggs: There’s a possibility that certain high-value eggs, available at specific locations or times, might contain the “Wild Frost Agony”.

How to Use Wild Frost Agony?

Being the proud owner of a “Wild Frost Agony” is commendable, but mastering its use is crucial:

  1. Chill Challenges: Its frosty nature can be an asset in specific terrains or challenges within the game, offering unique advantages.
  2. Boost Collection Rate: Deploying its abilities might lead to faster and more efficient collection of coins, diamonds, or other in-game currencies.
  3. Cold Combat: Should Pet Simulator X introduce battles, the “Wild Frost Agony” could be a formidable player with its icy powers.

Similar Pets with the Same Value?

While “Wild Frost Agony” has a distinctive position in the game, there are a few pets that rival it in terms of value:

  1. Blazing Phoenix: Representing the opposite element, this fiery bird mirrors the value of the icy Wild Frost Agony.
  2. Galactic Glimmer: A pet that embodies the vastness and mystery of space.
  3. Emerald Earthquake: Grounded in strength and stability, its value is unmistakable and on par with the frosty marvel.


The “Wild Frost Agony” isn’t just a pet; it’s a testament to the depth and variety Pet Simulator X offers to its players. Whether you’re a proud owner, a potential trader, or simply an admirer, this icy wonder is sure to add a touch of frosty excitement to your gameplay.