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What is Huge Pumpkin Value July 2024

Huge Pumpkin is a seasonal pet in the game Pet Simulator X on the Roblox platform. It was released during the Halloween event in 2021 and is known for its unique appearance and special abilities. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Pumpkin, including its value, how to obtain it, its performance in the game, and how it compares to other similar pets.

What is Huge Pumpkin?

Huge Pumpkin is a seasonal pet in Pet Simulator X that was released during the Halloween event in 2021. It has a unique appearance with its pumpkin-like design, complete with a stem and leaf. It is known for its special ability, which allows it to create a Huge pumpkin patch that slows down enemies in battle.

How much is Huge Pumpkin worth?

(N) Gem Value:💎150,000,000,000
(N) Demand: 6/10
(G) Gem Value:💎230,000,000,000
(G) Demand: 6/10
(RB) Gem Value:💎525,000,000,000
(RB) Demand: 8/10

The value of Huge Pumpkin varies depending on supply and demand. At the time of writing, the market value for Huge Pumpkin is around 250,000 in-game currency or more than 500 Robux. However, the exact value can fluctuate based on the condition of the pet and the current market conditions.

How to get Huge Pumpkin?

Huge Pumpkin can only be obtained during the Halloween event in Pet Simulator X. During this event, players can purchase a Huge Pumpkin egg from the game’s shop for 800 candy. The egg has a chance to hatch into a Pumpkin pet. Once the event is over, Pumpkin will no longer be available for purchase or obtainable through gameplay.

How much damage does Huge Pumpkin do in Pet Simulator X?

Huge Pumpkin has a decent amount of damage and health stats, but its true strength lies in its special ability. Its pumpkin patch can slow down enemies in battle, giving the player an advantage. The exact damage output of Pumpkin in Pet Simulator X can vary depending on its level and stats.

How to use Huge Pumpkin?

To use Huge Pumpkin’s special ability, the player must first equip it in their pet slot. During battle, the player can activate the pumpkin patch ability by pressing the corresponding key on their keyboard. The Huge pumpkin patch will slow down enemies within its range, giving the player an advantage in battle.

Similar pets with the same value?

There are a few other seasonal pets in Pet Simulator X that have similar values to Pumpkin. These include the Christmas Egg pets, such as the Gingerbread, Eggnog, and Peppermint pets. These pets were released during the Christmas event in 2021 and have unique designs and special abilities. If you’re looking to trade for one of these pets, make sure to research their current market values and be cautious to avoid scams.


In conclusion, Huge Pumpkin is a unique and valuable seasonal pet in Pet Simulator X. Its pumpkin-like design and special ability make it a popular choice among players. If you’re looking to obtain Pumpkin, be prepared to spend a significant amount of in-game currency or Robux during the Halloween event. In Pet Simulator X, Pumpkin’s special ability can be useful in battles, especially when facing multiple enemies. If you’re interested in similar pets with the same value, consider looking into the Christmas Egg pets released during the Christmas event in 2021.