My Cute Roommate Walkthrough

My cute roommate is another online game which is enjoyed by most of the adults out there due to its adult theme and amazing graphics. My Cute Roommate is the protagonist in the game who is a fresh graduate from high school. Now he is going to try adulthood and go to college. He also has his cousin which comes on different occasions in this game. The student life of protagonist is really wicked and he has to deal with all this in the game. The graphics are really cool in this game and the people in here feel like closer to reality. You can download the game from a website or you can play it online.

You will be unlocking different tasks in the game. You will go to every location in the game including Library, Store, College and you will talk to every NPC you find in those places like Anna, Emily, Dean, your roommate etc. You need to do daily chores like cleaning your bathroom and others. Always try to be polite to people you meet and don’t wake your roommate up at night. Keep working on unlock new events to progress in the game and keep in mind that all the characters are related in the game and you are going to need them during the course of the game.

In order to avoid the threat of death, you are going to have sex. You will be playing the role of a young man who can be dead if he does not have sex. The best thing about the game is that it creates a believable scenario for the player so he can enjoy every part of the game like he is doing the tasks in real life. The game has a very high ranking and growing popularity among youth.