Animal Jam Play Wild Codes (May 2024)

Animal Jam Codes

There are several different types of Animal Jam Codes we are going to categorize them accordingly.

Code Reward Status Release
adorableotter750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
billygoat750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
cheerycheetah750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
clevercoyote750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
coolpolarbear750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
cuddlykoala750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
curiousraccoon750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
dashingdolphin750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
fastfalcon750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
funnyfox750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
fuzzytiger750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
happyhyena750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
jammerjoey750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
livelylynx750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
loudlion750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
lovablelemur750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
luckyllama750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
playfulpanda750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
sillyseal750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
slowsloth750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
sneakycougar750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
snowyleopard750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
supersheep750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
swiftdeer750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
touchytoucan750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
wileywolf750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
quickhorse750 Gemsworking10/03/2023
poshpig750 Gemsworking10/03/2023

Animal Jam Expired Codes

  • juno
  • classicbday10— Redeem code for 10th Birthday Cake
  • pwbday3— Redeem for a Birthday Cake Hat

Animal Jam Codes are a great way to get free gems, items, or diamonds in the game. The codes are found in National Geographic Kids Magazine as well as some other places like Daily Explorer. However, getting them all over the world can be a bit of a hassle. This is exactly why we are giving you free Animal Jam Codes to get free stuff in the game without having to go through extra steps.

How to Redeem Animal Jam Codes

There are a couple of important things to note here, most of the codes on this list are not case sensitive. This means you can easily enter them with uppercase or lowercase letters. There are also a couple of ways you can enter the codes and redeem them.

One method is simply going to the Animal Jam home screen and selecting the “I Have a Code to Enter” and entering the code in a box that pops up.

Another method is to simply go to the Animal Jam Code Redeem webpage on the browser. For this method to work you’ll need to log in to your Animal Jam account on your favorite web browser.

There’s also a 3rd option that allows you to enter the free Animal Jam Codes inside the game, all you need to do is click on the “Enter Code” button that is inside the My Settings menu in-game.


These Free Animal Jam Codes will hopefully give you a ton of gems to enjoy the game. With a total of 21,750 gems, you can get from the free codes, you’ll be able to purchase anything you like without the worry of running out of gems. Overall, this is a healthy selection of codes that won’t expire that easily. A point to be noted here is that the codes don’t even have numbers in the so entering them will be quite easy.