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  • 02/17/2020 07:10:32
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Social media platforms are easily one of the most pathbreaking technological advancements in recent decades. They have offered a new approach to connectivity and communication between people. Social media sites provide great platforms for creating and sharing content in the form of videos, images, and text. 

Furthermore, the interactive appeal of social media and formidable attention to user experience continuously engage users all over the world. However, security and identity issues have been a consistent threat that continues to exist on various social media platforms. If you find that someone has made a fake Instagram account of you, then what can you do? 

Reasons for creating fake Instagram accounts

First of all, let us discuss the reasons for which someone would make a fake Instagram account. The majority of fake Instagram accounts are created for different services to sell promotional messages, spam, and engagement, such as comments and likes to other people. Another reason for creating fake Instagram accounts is to malign the public image of an individual. For example, if someone posts fake images and misleading statements on Instagram in a fake account, then the public image of the actual person is at risk. 

Fake Instagram accounts could also be an instrument for harassing an individual or online bullying, which is, unfortunately, the common reason. Most threatening of all, fake Instagram accounts could also be tools for compromising the financial and personal information of other users on Instagram related to an individual. All these reasons for creating fake Instagram accounts clearly show the importance of addressing the issue immediately. 

Remedial measures

Instagram claims its serious commitment to safety on its website and encourages users to report fake Instagram reports. Instagram accepts impersonation reports from the person being impersonated or representative of the concerned person, such as a parent or legal guardian. Instagram provides the option of filling out a “Report an Impersonation Account on Instagram” form to report a fake account. You can access the form from the Help Center on Instagram’s website or the app. Victims should provide all the requested information in the form alongside an image of their government-issued ID. 

If you find a fake Instagram account of someone you know, then contact them immediately through email, telephone, or direct message for reporting the issue to Instagram. Other preventive measures after spotting a fake account are also crucial for the safety of impersonation victims. The foremost recommendation is to “Report” the fake account by choosing the “It’s inappropriate” option. Then, you have to select the option “I believe this account violates Instagram’s community guidelines” as the reason for “Why are you reporting this account?”. 

Spotting the fake accounts

Now that we know about the best practices to deal with fake Instagram accounts let us find out how to identify fake Instagram accounts. Generally, fake Instagram accounts don’t have realistic images. The posts in fake Instagram accounts appear very strange and generally have very amateur content. One of the highlights that clearly distinguish a fake Instagram account is high follower count with low engagement. So, if you spot an account that has thousands of followers yet with few likes and comments on their content, then it’s a red flag! 

Therefore, the key to online safety rests with a prominent focus on monitoring personal internet usage and attention to precautions.