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  • 02/17/2020 07:10:00
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The Roblox Adopt Me Bee Update is live and now players can get a bee pet with a little bit of an effort! That’s not all, you can even get three different variants of the bees too. Now let’s discuss how to get a bee and how you can make it do awesome stuff too!

How To Get A Bee In Adopt Me Update!

There are several steps involved in getting the bee and we will discuss them all in detail here:

Visit the Bee Coffee Shop

The very first step in adopting a bee is to visit the bee coffee shop. Don’t worry, this isn’t something new at all, the coffee shop you’ve visited before is just renamed to the Bee Coffee shop in this update. All you need to do is leave the neighborhood and seek out the giant red mug, it is going to be very hard to miss as it is right outside the entrance. 

After locating and entering the Bee coffee shop, locate the bee called Beetrice in the new stand at the front. You would’ve already noticed a ton of bees flying around at this point and that’s why the name of the coffee shop was changed. 

The fun part is, you can actually talk to Beetrice to gain more information about the story. However, that won’t get you a bee pet, for that, you’ll need to follow the next step. 

Buy Honey 

To get a bee, you will need to purchase honey. The honey is contained in a pot and you basically use it as a lure to capture bees as your pets. The notice right next to Beetrice also explains it, it says, “Tame a wild bee with honey”. 

There is a chance you would get the queen bee, that’s 1 in 40 tries. The king bee is slightly less rare and can be gotten in 4 in 40 tries. The normal bees are 35 in 40 tries. So there is a chance you won’t be able to capture a single bee but that is very rare. 
The queen bee and the king bee are legendary pets while the normal bee is rare. 

Each pot of honey costs 199 Robux as well. So make sure you are well stocked before you go and purchase them. The queen bee is blue, the king bee as more black and a normal bee is your standard bee. 

Capture a Bee 

To get a bee, all you need to do is place your purchase honey pot and let the bees swarm to it. Once in awhile a bee will be lured and you can get it for yourself. That’s all there is to it. 

What Can a Bee Do?

After you pick it up, you can feed it, name it, fly on it and even ride it. Of course, to ride or fly, you will need to feed it a potion. Overall they are a fun new addition to the game and you won’t regret getting one!